PFB - NFL Reportedly Investigating Deflated Football Used By Steelers, Rudolph in Preseason Game

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Feb 17, 2018
Mason Rudolph is all of one preseason game into his NFL career, but he’s already somehow managed to find himself inadvertently entangled in Deflategate 2.0.

According to Howard Eskin, a popular sports radio voice out of Philadelphia who was working sideline duty Thursday, the NFL is investigating what is believed to be a deflated football used in Thursday night’s Steelers-Eagles game. The ball, according to Eskin, was discovered in the third quarter when Rudolph was under center and looked like a “marshmallow.”

During #Eagles #steelers pre season game their was at least one Pittsburgh football found that was VERY deflated . The #NFL has the Football and is investigating. I saw the FB after incompletion and it was like a marshmallow. @SportsRadioWIP

— Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) August 10, 2018

Deflategate was (and still is!) a hot topic that originated in the 2015 AFC Championship game when the NFL determined the New England Patriots were deflating balls to gain an advantage. Tom Brady was slapped with a four-game suspension for the incident, and the Pats were forced to give up two draft picks along with a hefty fine.

Thursday night was just the preseason, so it’s unlikely Pittsburgh will face any substantial consequences if the NFL does indeed find any nefarious doings. And even if they do — it’s even more unlikely Rudolph will face any consequences.

Nonetheless, this is something to keep an eye on. After watching Rudolph the last four seasons, I’ve always believed he could be the next Tom Brady, but this isn’t exactly how I pictured that playing out.

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