PFB - NCAA Rules Ole Miss Must Vacate 33 Wins, Including Sugar Bowl Win vs. OSU

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Feb 17, 2018
Remember that 48-20 butt-whooping Ole Miss put on Oklahoma State in the 2016 Sugar Bowl? The NCAA doesn’t — at least not anymore!

According to the governing body, neither Ole Miss nor OSU won that game (officially) after it handed down a ruling Monday that forced the Rebels to vacate 33 wins over six seasons as a result of a widespread probe into the school.

The 2016 Sugar Bowl is among the wins they were forced to surrender, along with four wins from 2020, two from 2011, seven from 2012, seven from 2013, eight from 2014 and five from 2016.

Sugar Bowl champs!

— Adam Lunt (@AdamLunt817) February 12, 2019

Just … gone! In the NCAA’s official record-keeping that 2016 Sugar Bowl is officially a wash. No winner. It’s almost like it never happened. (Thank goodness!)

The ruling also helps justify, at least in some small way, OSU ordering Sugar Bowl rings as a consolation prize for finishing second (out of two) in its bowl. Now they could engrave something on the inside with an asterisk noting they weren’t *technically* Sugar Bowl champs, but they also weren’t *technically* Sugar Bowl losers, either.

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