PFB - Michael Weathers Sends Apology, Report Says He’s Reinstated

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
After two months of limbo following his September arrest, Michael Weathers is back on the Oklahoma State basketball team. Ahead of Saturday’s regular season opener against Charlotte, Jon Rothstein is reporting that Weathers is back at practice this week.

Source: Oklahoma State's Michael Weathers has been reinstated from suspension. His game status is TBD. Will return to practice today.

— Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) November 8, 2018

An apology on Twitter from Weathers himself would seem to confirm that.

“Two months ago I made a terrible decision, and I sincerely want to apologize to the person that most directly suffered because of my actions,” wrote Weathers. “I have reached out to apologize to her privately, but I feel like I also owe her a public apology as well.

“I also owe a public apology to my family, teammates, coaches and the Oklahoma State community. This is not the way I was raised or the way that OSU or the Cowboy basketball program should be represented. I am truly grateful to the administration, my teammates, coaches and fans for the second chance at representing this university. I truly have a greater appreciation for the position that I am in, and it will not be taken for granted.

“I look forward to regaining your trust and showing that I can be a positive influence for this team and OSU.”

Weathers had been suspended indefinitely since September 19 after using a stolen debit card to purchase drinks and being caught with multiple stolen items from a woman he was around on the night of September 8. Here’s the police report.

She observed Weathers and his friends purchase multiple drinks with her debit card. (Redacted) said she walked over and looked at the receipt Weathers signed and observed her name printed on the receipt and the name was scribbled on it.

(Redacted) said she walked up to Weathers and asked him where he put her debit card. She stated that Weathers turned around with her Conoco card in his hand, along with his passport. (Redacted)’s OSU student ID fell out of the passport book. She asked him for the rest of her cards and he told her he did not have them.

More recently the felony Weathers was charged with was changed to a misdemeanor, and he pleaded guilty to that earlier this week.

Weathers was given a two-year deferred sentence through Nov. 18, 2020. Weathers must also pay $245 in restitution, a $200 fine and court costs. William Baker, Weathers’ attorney, said Weathers paid his restitution while at the courthouse Tuesday. Weathers was also required to complete 100 hours of community service, which Weathers has already completed. If Weathers pays the remainder of his fees and stays out of trouble by Nov. 18, 2020, he will avoid jail time. [PFB]

The Oklahoman reported last weekend that once the legal case shook out, Weathers would likely be reinstated (which has apparently now come to fruition).

“What he has been asked to do, he’s been doing,” Mike Boynton told the Oklahoman. “He’s a guy that if everything goes well, we hope to have back.”

Now he’s back, but it’s unclear to what extent. I’d be surprised (?) if he plays on Saturday against Charlotte, but it’s pretty clear that he’s going to have to be pretty solid for Oklahoma State to be good at all in the Big 12 this season.

Weathers averaged a 17-4-5-2 line in one year at Miami (Ohio) before sitting out last year following his transfer to Stillwater.

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