PFB - Meet the Newbie: OSU Welcomes Underrated Bruiser in Blake Barron

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Feb 17, 2018
As we work our way through some roster introductions in preparation of fall camp, we land on our fifth and final of the early 2018 enrollees who participated in spring camp.

We’ve already covered Hunter Anthony, Sean Michael Flanagan, Jarrick Bernard and Jake Ross. Now let’s take a look at the Cowboys’ lone addition to the linebacker group for 2018.

His Road to Stillwater

Blake Barron was the Cowboys’ second commit of the 2018 class behind Spencer Sanders, pledging verbally in January of 2017, just two days after OSU extended an offer. His firm commitment may have contributed to his lack of offers aside from the Pokes, Houston and North Texas.

The former three-star prospect is a somewhat under-the-radar defender from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, coming in as the No. 41 inside linebacker from Texas in the 2018 and ranked 161st over from the Lone Star State. But it’s hard to argue with his production, especially during his senior season.

Last year for Rockwall High School, Barron wrapped up ball carriers for 104 total tackles and 13 tackles for loss. He also recorded 15 QB hurries and five sacks.

What he Brings

Barron brings more than just solid numbers with him to Stillwater. A view of his film shows a strong lower body and a nose for the football. A bruiser with good anticipation, little hesitation and a mean streak.

Give him a year or so to get acclimated to the Division I level and build his body and his ceiling is probably a Chad Whitener-esque defensive QB.

His Role in 2018

With a wealth of talent and experience at linebacker, it would be hard for Barron to nudge his way up the depth chart to meaningful reps, and that’s probably just fine. I would peg Barron as a probably redshirt candidate this fall, though the recent NCAA rule change means he’ll probably get some burn if he’s ready.

Barron was initially slated to fill a spot in Glenn Spencer’s scheme as the weak-side backer, but with Jim Knowles, it’s likely he’ll try and earn his reps book-ending the second line of defense in the 4-2-5. He’ll have a chance to turn heads in a couple weeks when fall camp kicks off.

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