PFB - Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler to Call Primetime Matchup Between OSU-Texas

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Feb 17, 2018
ESPN is bringing out its A-squad on Saturday for ABC’s primetime slotted football game between Oklahoma State and No. 12 Texas.

The network has assigned Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler to be on the television broadcast in the booth. Maria Taylor, the face of College Gameday, will be joining the duo on the broadcast with reporting from the sideline.

Texas-OSU will conclude what figures to be a hectic day for the ESPN trio. College Gameday chose to broadcast live from Athens, Georgia this weekend because of a top-10 showdown between Notre Dame and Georgia, and Fowler, Herbstreit and Taylor will all start their day there. After the early Saturday morning broadcast, they’ll fly private to Austin and land in plenty of time for the call — a routine Herbstreit has maintained for years.

On the Cowboy Radio Network broadcast Saturday for OSU will be the legends Dave Hunziker and John Holcomb. Robert Allen will report from the sideline. The broadcast can be streamed through the TuneIn Radio app.

Herbstreit and Fowler have provided some great moments on broadcasts over the years, but for OSU fans, this little incident, from 2011, brings back some great memories. Here’s to hoping the only earthquake in Austin on Saturday is a roar from the OSU section.

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