PFB - Keys to the Game: What OSU Must Do on Defense to Win This Weekend

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Feb 17, 2018
After covering the offensive keys to the game, I wanted to take a look at what the Cowboys need to do on defense to win this weekend.

Simple, Sound Defensive Adjustments

With all of the pre-snap motion Boise State utilizes on offense, Jim Knowles and the Cowboy defense are going to have to keep their adjustments sound and simple to avoid confusion. The Broncos are going to line up in multiple different formations and they are going to motion their tight ends and/or slot receivers on almost every play to try to get the look they want from the defense. The Cowboys have to do a good job of communicating and then getting set before the ball is snapped to avoid getting burned.

If the Pokes are disciplined and they don’t fall for the “eye candy” before the snap, it will be a solid first step in slowing down this talented Boise offense.

Third Down Defense Must Be Solid

Lack of competition aside, Boise State’s third down offense has been amazing so far this season. They currently rank 6th in the nation in third down conversion percentage at 62.5 percent (15 for 24). The Cowboys did pretty well on third down defense against Missouri State and South Alabama, but Boise State presents a much greater challenge.

If OSU can’t get force many three-and-outs, and the Broncos get anywhere even close to their third down conversion percentage through the first two games, the Cowboys may be heading for a blowout loss. It will be interesting to see how Jim Knowles’ aggressive style on third down fares against this Boise State offense.

Pressure Rypien

When Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien is given time, he has the talent to pick apart just about any defense in college football.

The Cowboys will have to get pressure on the senior quarterback and force him to make quick decisions. This will take Knowles dialing up multiple different pre-snap looks and blitz packages, which we know he is capable of. I think Oklahoma State has the athletes to cover the Broncos receivers on the outside with man coverage at times, so I think they will have the extra defenders to send at Rypien.

He’s had several multiple interception games throughout his career at Boise State, and hopefully OSU can pressure him into one more on Saturday.

Special Teams

Be better.

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