PFB - Gundy Continues to Beat the Drum on Playoff Expansion, Says 8 Teams is Right

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Feb 17, 2018
God Bless Mike Gundy. He is a man of the people. Specifically, the people who wish to see the college football playoff expand from its current four-team model to eight teams.

At Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday, Gundy pulled out his favorite drum sticks and laid down a quick solo jam session on the topic.

Mike Gundy said he prefers an 8-team @CFBPlayoff (Power 5 conference champs, 2 wildcards & G5 team): “If you’re at a smaller (Group of 5) school you essentially have no chance to win a national championship because you’ll never get in & I don’t think that’s fair.”

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) July 17, 2018

Obviously, this is a drum he’s been beating for two years now. That includes the comments he made during a media teleconference eight months ago.

“I think they’re going to have to go to eight teams,” said Gundy at that time. “I understand the academic requirements … The conference championship, somebody’s going to win it and not get in. In my opinion, they should have eight. If you win your conference, you’re in.”

I’m happy Gundy continues to push for eight teams.

Yes, expanding would benefit the Big 12, which has been left out of two of the first four playoffs. It doesn’t necessarily help OSU if the Cowboys continue to finish just shy of the conference crown, but it would guarantee them a shot if there were to become Big 12 champs again.

I’m also glad Gundy has now included the lesser group of five schools.

His point about them is dead on. UCF should have been given a shot last year. Boise State and TCU during the early 2000s should have had a chance to play in the national championship game when they went undefeated.

You can say all you want that they don’t deserve a shot because of their schedule, but if that’s the case you can’t also say that the SEC should get two teams in when they only play an eight-game conference schedule.

The only thing I don’t love is the “fairness” argument. Sports are not inherently fair. There are haves and have nots, biases, and human error. Sports are not fair when Texas can go 23-27 over four years and still land a dozen four- and five-star recruits every year.

But I digress.

Yes there are arguments against expansion — scheduling, length of season, three-loss conference champs — but really those are all silly. You can’t tell me most athletic directors and coaches wouldn’t rather go to eight and thus have a better chance to make it. Not to mention the extra money involved.

It’s going to happen. Just like any sort of playoff was going to happen. It’s now just a matter of when and why. Hopefully soon and because of guys like Mike Gundy vocally pushing for it.

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