PFB - Good News, OSU Fans: Cowboy Football Starts in 50 Days

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
The dark, dark days of winter, spring and summer are nearly behind us, and a light at the end of the tunnel, to be fully unveiled on August 30 against Missouri State, can be seen somewhere off in the distance.

Two points here: Fall is the best season (come at me bro), and college football has the best schedule in all of sports. We’ll address the first one first.

I asked my family which season was their favorite around the dinner table the other day, and with no hesitation my five-year-old daughter said, “Well, not summer … too hot.” Agreed! Summer is great for vacations, copious trips to the pool and all the COOP you can handle, but it’s also overrated.

Not overrated: 60-degree weather (I know it takes until, like, mid-November for this to happen but just roll with me here) and a new school year. I’m a 33-year-old grown adult. Doesn’t feel like it at times, but I am. And I still go by the semester schedule. I feel like there’s a reset button I hit somewhere around Labor Day.

There’s a freshness and a crispness to fall that goes beyond the weather. There’s an “all things made new” lens that comes with it. It’s certainly the most magical season (I don’t want to hear your pumpkin spice-infused takes about winter, either).

And college football is part of its sports epicenter. Carson and I have talked about this often, but the fact that we get basically an eight-month break from CFB is both the best and worst thing about it. This 12-months-a-year NBA thing we have going right now? It’s cool — really, it is — but it devalues the actual games. I’m ok with the tradeoff because the offseason is actually better than the season, but college football really has it figured out.

Not in spite of but because CFB’s offseason is so long and barren, every regular season game feels like a championship. Ok maybe not the Missouri State ones, but it’s difficult to argue against the idea that the best regular season plus postseason combo resides in CFB.

It doesn’t get old, either. This will be my eighth OSU season to cover on this website, and I keep thinking that one of these days it won’t be a thrill to hit “publish.” We’re 15,000 posts in, and it hasn’t happened yet. I always get both antsy and nostalgic this time of year, with another school year behind us and another one ahead.

We’ll start rolling out our pre-football season #content in the coming days and weeks, and we’re excited about that as well about what’s to come. The unknown and the known. So hang in there for 50 more days. Seven weeks and change before Tyron Johnson is laying waste to some poor DBs from Springfield, and we’re talking about whether Justice Hill is going to be in New York for each of the next two Heisman ceremonies or just the one in 2018.

Football is coming — after a bunch of ink is spilled (keyboards are punched) at Big 12 Media Days and fall camp breaks — and with it comes my favorite season of the year.

5⃣0⃣ Days. #okstate #GoPokes

— Cowboy Football (@CowboyFB) July 11, 2018

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