PFB - Football Newcomers Get Jersey Numbers for the 2019 Football Season

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Feb 17, 2018
ARLINGTON, Texas — If you see a spindly No. 88 mossing defensive backs on the perimeter next season, do not be fooled. Dez Bryant is not taking his talents back to college. Receiver Langston Anderson has inherited Bryant’s long-time professional number, and he’ll don it as a true freshman.

Anderson is part of a cadre of newcomers who were assigned jersey numbers officially released by OSU at Big 12 Media Days on Monday. Some other good ones: Running back Deondrick Glass will sport No. 4 (
), Dezmon Jackson is taking Justice’s old No. 27 (
), and, fittingly, incoming defensive tackle Sione Asi will rock No. 99, following in the footsteps of Trey Carter, Calvin Barnett, Richetti Jones and many other defensive linemen before him.

Here’s a look at the rest of the newbies, which includes freshmen, junior college transfers, traditional transfers and graduate transfers.

Player Position Jersey #
Deondrick Glass RB 4
Brendan Costello QB 9
Thomas Harper CB 10
Jordan McCray WR 12
Demarco Jones CB 22
Xavier Player CB 26
Dezmon Jackson RB 27
Tom Hutton P 29
Na’drian Dizadare LB 36
Isreal Isuman-Hundley DE 37
Jayden Jernigan DT 42
Kamryn Farrar LB 44
Xavier Ross DT 56
Joe Michaelski OL 66
Cole Birmingham OL 67
Taylor Miterko OL 68
Preston Wilson OL 74
Grayson Boomer TE 82
Langston Anderson WR 88
Kyle Junior DT 93
Trace Ford DE 94
Israel Antwine DT 95
Kody Walterscheid DE 96
Sione Asi DT 99

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