PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept. 27): Cowboys Survive Big 12’s Upset Weekend

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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In an opening weekend in which the Big 12’s top teams were tested, Oklahoma State came out looking pretty rosy despite a grind-it-out win over West Virginia.

Texas had to score two touchdowns with less than three minutes to go just to earn the chance at its eventual OT win over Texas Tech. And Oklahoma, well…

OSU Bullets

• All 10 of Marshall’s postgame Thoughts were great, but in this one he takes aim at an offense that could be doing more, despite the Pokes being 2-0 — and the numbers don’t lie.

The 43 total points OSU has put up this season are the fewest through two games since 2005, Gundy’s first year. That season OSU mustered a combined 38 points against Montana State and Florida Atlantic. [PFB]

• But… This is going to take some getting used to.

How bout them cowboys!!!!!!!! I see you @CowboyFB
That defense is ballin this year!!!!!

— David Pollack (@davidpollack47) September 26, 2020

I’m not ready to call this a defense-first team, nor am I sure I want to jinx just how good that unit can be, but OSU is doing the things a defense has to do to win in the Big 12.

• He didn’t make it into our weekly PFB Picks like normal, but he should have. If Chuba didn’t feel the need to shake off two earlier fumbles and had pulled a Chris Carson goal-line kneel a la 2016 Tech, our normal Bullets author, Steven Mandeville, would have nailed this prediction.

… we should prepare for a Big Ten-like game today:
Good guys 20, ‘Neers 13 [PFB]

(Disclaimer: I have no problem with Chuba taking the 7. Gotta go for the cover.)

• Brandon Weeden spoke with KOCO’s (and Pistols Firing Podcast’s) Carson Cunningham about OSU football’s relationship with its alumni. That’s now two all-time great Pokes singing the same tune.

• A.J. Green was elevated to the Browns’ practice squad ahead of their Sunday matchup with Washington.

We've elevated CB A.J. Green to the active roster

Details »

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) September 26, 2020

• In case you missed it, Olyvia Dowell scored a goal to push OSU Soccer to a double-OT win over No. 4 West Virginia earlier this weekend. Here’s the full sequence.

Very proud of our production team for this final sequence. Did a great job of letting the moment breath and telling the story. #okstate

— Andrew Bay (@DownBy_ABay) September 26, 2020
Non-OSU Bullets

• I’ll just leave these here.

This is Oklahoma's 6th loss as a 20-point favorite since the start of the 2009 season. No other team has lost more than three in that span.

— Chris Fallica (@chrisfallica) September 26, 2020

Wow. Kansas State upsets Oklahoma. Does this mean Arkansas State has clinched Big 12 title?

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) September 26, 2020

Number of 4 & 5
Recruits on Each Team

Oklahoma 51
Kansas State 0

• Kansas State won 38-35

— NCAAF Nation (@NCAAFNation247) September 26, 2020

Less than five minutes to go.

Kansas State – 38
Oklahoma – 35

— ESPN College Football (@ESPNCFB) September 26, 2020


— Southwell (@JustinSouthwell) September 26, 2020

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