PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept 26) – Notes on McCleskey Transfer, The Real Question with the OSU Offense

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
A New Normal: Four and Dones

Max Olson with The Athletic had a couple of unique points about the Jalen McCleskey situation. First, Mike Gundy’s handling on Jalen McCleskey’s transfer is being perceived nationally as the gold standard.

We also can go with the players’ rights angle and assert that McCleskey and others leaving whenever they want and going wherever they want is progress. But the truth is, most of these transactions will end up playing out a lot like graduate transfers, just with slightly different timing.

The best response to this unexpected circumstance might be the one Gundy offered Monday. Oklahoma State’s head coach only had a few hours to process the news before sharing it at his weekly news conference, and his reaction was telling: Gundy hated to lose McCleskey but is not upset with him. No hard feelings. Because he understands this is the new normal. [TheAthletic]

Also worth noting were the hard numbers around McCleskey’s targets so far.

As for his usage this season? McCleskey was targeted 11 times in the season opener against Missouri State and a combined 12 times over the next three games as Tylan Wallace stepped up and Taylor Cornelius spread the ball around. So that’s 23 targets through four games, the same number Tyron Johnson and Dillon Stoner received.

In fairness to McCleskey, only 16 of those targets were catchable, according to data compiled by Sports Info Solutions. He made the most of his chances, catching 15 of those balls for 155 yards and two scores. The number of uncatchable throws is not surprising. This is the first year McCleskey isn’t playing with Mason Rudolph. He had to know his senior season would present a different challenge, at least initially. [TheAthletic]

And while uncatchable balls are tough for any receiver, I suspect ( with TV’s Cayden McFarland) that moments like this are more the blame:

Going through our video of #OKState-Texas Tech game.
Feel like I may have found the exact moment Jalen McCleskey decided to transfer.

— Cayden McFarland (@caydenmc) September 25, 2018

Chicken or the Egg

When considering the issues of Oklahoma State’s offense – is it the third and long or losing yards on the early downs that’s the issue?

What has changed in the year between meetings with Texas Tech is more obvious now than ever: Oklahoma State desperately missed the vertical passing game Rudolph, Ateman and James Washington provided.

What hasn’t changed, though, is just as important. Because while last year’s offense could compensate for a major issue, it’s the same problem that perhaps plagues this OSU team most of all.

Too many third-and-longs.

“Not a good down for anybody much less for us right now,” Mike Gundy said. [TulsaWorld]

Army nearly upset Oklahoma over the weekend by being great at long methodical drives full of four to six-yard runs. Oklahoma State has been successful because they could get 15-25 yards when they want to and gash defenses on the ground as a result. This year, we’re seeing what it looks like when the safety doesn’t have to help over the top.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Could Chuba Hubbard help replace Jalen McCleskey?….Austin Peay’s head coach is one of the wilder stories in college football….Britton Abbott in the running for CFB’s scholar-athlete award, the Campbell….Orlando columnist insists Scott Frost’s regrets taking the Nebraska job

I’m anxiously awaiting Lunt’s thoughts on Tech in this week’s pod – can find it here.

Needed an extra day to analyze everything that happened to prepare for this weeks podcast, will drop it in the morning. Probably going to be the best one yet. #gopokes #okstate

— TapeDoesntLiePod (@Tapedoesntliepd) September 25, 2018

Cowgirl Basketball coming to ESPNU this winter.


For the first time since 2013, #okstate will be featured on ESPNU!

vs. TCU
Sunday, January 6
1:00 p.m.

— Cowgirl Basketball (@OSUWBB) September 25, 2018

Pretty impressive here for the Cowboy freshman to drop 50+ pounds since the summer.

I Commited My Self To Working Hard And Lost 52 Pounds In Months
I Just Want To Thank Jake Our Strength And Conditioning Coach For Everything He Have Done
We Not Done Yet This Just The Beginning!#VIRAL

— ʙʟᴇssᴇᴅ ᴋɪᴅ ✞ (@TheReal_Bigk) September 26, 2018

No bueno here.

Texas Tech has another good answer to the GT Counter Read

Bear Front + Edge Pressure

Sam LB (9 Technique) Bends for the RB

Strong Safety Blitzes to the upfield shoulder of the QB

The Edge Blitz out of Bear Front cancels both Keep & Give!

— Coach Dan Casey (@CoachDanCasey) September 25, 2018

When you get home from school and Mom made cookies:

The moment those @budlight fridges opened Thursday night

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) September 25, 2018

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