PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept 25) – Asking Questions of the Cowboy Defense, A Clever Basketball Ticket Idea

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Match Made in… Lubbock

It’s hard to imagine a style of offense less ideal for OSU to play than Tech’s air raid attack.

Texas Tech’s offense is a bad matchup for most teams. But for a defense, like OSU’s, that is predicated on getting pressure on the quarterback, it seems especially disadvantageous.

Defensive coordinator Jim Knowles said he knew coming in it would be hard to pressure quarterback Alan Bowman.

“He had like 85 percent of his passes were under 2 seconds,” Knowles said. “You’re not going to get there. He’s a talented young man and they’ve got a great offensive scheme.” [TulsaWorld]

OSU’s kind of interesting – the defensive line is the strength of the unit and stylistically and getting pressure is objective No. 2 after breathing. But the move to five defensive backs had to be with an eye towards getting another DB on the field to help slow down passing acts.

It’s hard to know what to point at – if Bundage was 100 percent, would the defense be more effective? If Cornelius completed his first deep ball on the season, would teams double cover receivers and vacate the box?

In or Out

One of the biggest problems with the Cowboy defense Saturday night was one of their greatest strengths – Calvin Bundage.

After reviewing the game, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said linebacker Calvin Bundage should have been taken out of the game much sooner as he fought through an injury to his right lower leg during OSU’s 41-17 loss to Texas Tech on Saturday.

“We should’ve taken him out,” Gundy said in his weekly news conference on Monday. “We should’ve taken him out right away, as soon as it happened. He didn’t help us much in the game.

“He relies on speed, and he was not moving very well. If we had it to do it all over again, probably would’ve taken him out earlier.”

Bundage played the first half after sustaining the injury. He was treated at halftime, but didn’t immediately return. He came back in for a few series later in the second half. [NewsOK]

When your defense is all about funneling the action on the ground into the capable arms of your two linebackers, it seems pretty important to have those two healthy and capable. Side note: it’s hard to believe that one year removed from playing three linebacker spots, it’s hard to imagine they couldn’t find a serviceable third linebacker.

OSU and NCAA Notes

TulsaWorld’s Emig looks at questions for Cowboy Football….Given yesterday’s McCleskey news, the new transfer rule is making transferring tempting….Rudolph feels good about being the solution in Pittsburgh….Cowgirl Soccer is rolling – won seventh straight….McMurphy has the Pokes bowling over New Years in Memphis….A couple of solid Tiger pieces here and here

Really cool idea – would be really fun if it came in pairs.

New season. New seats (every night).

Watch every game in GIA for only $100. #c2e #okstate

— Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) September 25, 2018

Carson rewarded those of us who drafted him in fantasy football this week.

Russell giving Chris Carson the game ball after his 100 yard game for the @Seahawks! #GoHawks

— Alaskan 12 (@tomrollman) September 23, 2018

Prayers for the Smart family as Marcus’ mom’s funeral was last weekend.

Couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. Didn’t say goodbye today. We celebrated what momma was is & always will be. Love u momma! Thanks to everyone who came or sent prayers & kind words. Thanks to the Celtics owners, coaches, staff & players who came. Meant more than u know.

— marcus smart (@smart_MS3) September 22, 2018

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