PFB - Daily Bullets (Sept 14) – OSU Advantages for Saturday, Should Folks Be Selling on OSU?

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Reason to Believe

TulsaWorld’s Guerin Emig points out a couple of advantages Oklahoma State has for setting up a solid pass rush (and defensive strategy) against Boise State.

One, the cupcake schedule of the past two weeks allowed defensive coordinator Jim Knowles to be basic. He might have unleashed Bundage in his new role against Missouri State, but it’s not like he unveiled exotic blitz packages for the world to see. He didn’t need to. Same for the South Alabama mismatch.

Two, when Knowles goes deeper into his imagination Saturday, he’ll have stronger, faster players flying at Rypien than Troy or UConn did the past two weeks.

Everybody keeps harping on OSU stepping up in class this week, and I get it. The difference between Boise State and Missouri State is like comparing Aaron Rodgers to Nathan Peterman. [TulsaWorld]

It’s a synchronized strategy for Gundy and Co. – no physical matchups, use basic formations, reveal nothing, get the win in the bag and move onto the next one. Saturday afternoon will be a season opener of sorts – opening up the schedule against Power Five level competition.

Convincing the Critics

When No. 2 and No. 28 walked across the stage, they left behind gaping holes of production and credibility. Outside of Big 12 circles, the amount of talent on-hand is often undersold. Games like Boise State early in the schedule are a chance to start quieting that narrative that Oklahoma State was just Rudolph-to-Washington.

Still, because of the unconvincing vibe surrounding this team’s first two weeks, there’s a sense that beating Boise may be necessary — for goosing confidence throughout a remade roster, and particularly for a late-blooming and under-the-microscope quarterback in Taylor Cornelius; for fans, who have been slow to fully get on board with this squad; and for the pundits, who have been slow to acknowledge these Cowboys, despite the program’s outstanding recent run of success; and for recruiting, with premium targets still undecided. [GoPokes]
OSU and NCAA Notes

Enjoyed this mailbag from Tulsa World’s Mark Cooper looking at deep balls, QB redshirts, and more….Florence is wreaking havoc on the CFB schedule….Stoner promises better performance on punt returns….Learn more about Cowboy guard Larry Williams and the story beyond the player….Pretty interesting piece here on OSU’s history by a Boise writer

PSA – as you lay out your clothes for gameday tonight, don’t forget to match your section. Don’t be that guy.

Find your seat. Know your color. #StripeBPS #okstate

— Cowboy Football (@CowboyFB) September 14, 2018

That’s a change from nearly 70 percent (68.6) of passes for ten yards to nearly 40 percent (42.5) – it felt like a better survey of the throws he could and couldn’t make. Cooper’s piece on the topic is here if you want more.

Rewatched the 75 passes Taylor Cornelius has thrown this season. In game 1, 11 of 35 attempts traveled 10+ yards beyond the line of scrimmage in the air. In game 2, 23 of 40 went 10+ yards, including 11 of 20+ yards. #okstate

— Mark Cooper (@mark_cooperjr) September 12, 2018

Insightful why K-State isn’t K-State’ing to this point:

Not having the more physical and disciplined team from week to week is one big indicator. Not having good QB play is another. Those have been the hallmarks of EMAW football and I don't see either with this team.

— Ian Boyd (@Ian_A_Boyd) September 13, 2018

A good cause if you’re a golfer in town the weekend of 10/12 (K-State game on the road).

Calling all Cowboys to support this great cause in memory of a special Cowboy. Call 405-744-5938 for info. Hope to see you there.

— Scott Sutton (@ScottSutton1970) September 13, 2018

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