PFB - Daily Bullets (Oct. 23): What’s Limiting the Cowboys, Bedlam Moving Up in 2020

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
This will take your mind off of OSU football – enjoy some in-depth analysis of Matthew Wolff’s swing.

Bullets Rundown

• What’s slowing down the Pokes
• Bedlam moved up in 2020
• Chuba Hubbard moving past Jonathan Taylor

OSU Bullets

• In a fantastic description of where the Pokes are at this point in the season (among comments about other teams – just start at the top), this piece highlights what’s hamstringing the Pokes in games.

Oklahoma State had their big chance to pull off a season-altering home game win against Baylor, instead they were overmatched by the Bears’ explosiveness on offense and sound defensive play. The Cowboys just don’t have the players up front on defense to put together defensive gameplans that can give them a chance and Spencer Sanders isn’t up for out-scoring good opponents in pressure-cooker shootouts. [Concerning Sports]

OSU is two talented defensive linemen (or one Emmanuel Ogbah), some stickum, and ten extra games of maturity for the QB away from competing.

There were some comments in there about how teams know Sanders loves checking down to a run. Not only is that true but how much would Sanders’ coaches prefer he takeoff than Sam Darnold-something into the air? Until Sanders gets comfortable in the pocket, the offense is Chuba or bust.

• OSU’s 2020 schedule was released

Moving Bedlam Football into October in 2020 is a perplexing move.

Why mess with it? There was a time when OU fans and officials downplayed Bedlam and didn’t mind if it was played in October. But the changing face of conference alignment helped the Sooners come to appreciate Bedlam, and despite the Sooners’ dominance of the series, it’s always fun and often dramatic.

Playing on Thanksgiving weekend makes everything easier on everyone – students, fans, players, coaches. Travel is minimal. The games are easy to reach for all concerned.

Television must be behind the scheduling change, but for what purpose? I don’t get it. [NewsOK]

It seems like the last time it was moved was to avoid a Big 12 title rematch in successive weeks. But two reasons are cleanly discredited – it’s a big deal to both parties, a treat to look forward to and it’s a heck of a convenience for fans to have a game nearby around the holiday.

• After Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor saw his team go down to a midling Illinois team, Chuba Hubbard is starting to pass him on Heisman boards.

Last Week: 8th

Hubbard increased his lead over the nation’s running backs with another strong outing on the ground but like his fellow counterpart who’s been on this list all season (Jonathan Taylor), his team didn’t get the win because of it. Hubbard is 288 yards ahead of the next best running back in terms of total yards and has averaged 6.5 yards per carry on 194 attempts. [PFF]

Taylor is the best player on a team that had an outside chance of being a playoff contender. When that changed (it’s hard to recover from that loss), it became a sheer numbers game for the running backs – and Chuba wins that game every time.

John Calipari making visits to see Cade Cunningham isn’t something I need in my day

• The Sooner Schooner is done for 2019 – it’s a fun concept but seems like it wouldn’t be the worst idea to retire

• Cowgirls in the top 15 and leading the league at this point – good stuff.

#Big12SOC in the latest @UnitedCoaches poll

1⃣3⃣. @CowgirlFC
1⃣7⃣. @TexasTechSoccer
2⃣3⃣. @KUWSoccer

Get your
s to watch them LIVE at the #Big12SOC Championship

— Big 12 Conference (@Big12Conference) October 22, 2019

Non-OSU Bullets

Brain science and breaking bad habits – good stuff, if you like it, you’ll love this
• Finished this (and my only) Stephen King read yesterday – super fun. Combines time travel, JFK, and relationships along the way.
• Great faith-based read on how to live with disapointment

This will be a fun part of the Christmas season.

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