PFB - Daily Bullets (Oct 16) – Pushing All the Buttons, How to Improve Offensively

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Getting Better

When you consider the variables a college football coach can tweak, where does quarterback play rank?

So is the fact the Cowboys need a spark, wherever they can get it. Maybe a different quarterback, even in specially designed situations, can provide one.

Gundy has an extra week before Texas. Might he consider giving Spencer Sanders or Dru Brown a look?

“Not really,” he answered. “I didn’t think (Cornelius) threw very well today, but up until then I thought he’d played pretty well. … We have to look and see and give him the benefit of the doubt.” [TulsaWorld]

A quarterback change impacts a team on so many levels (see Cowboy Football 2014) and while the struggles in pass blocking aren’t necessarily Taylor Cornelius’ fault but that doesn’t mean a timely change couldn’t be a high reward decision.

Ground and Pound

Sitting Saturday aside – if I told you OSU only rushed Justice Hill five times in a half, would you assume OSU was winning or losing?

…on top of that, RB Justice Hill was a non-factor. Before you say “Derek, they had to throw the ball because they were down all game.” No, they weren’t down all game, as they were up 6-3 at the half, and in the first half, they didn’t even try and get Justice Hill the football. If I remember correctly he only had five total touches in the first half. How? How does that happen?! I don’t understand.

When Taylor Cornelius has as many rushing attempts as Justice Hill, that’s a problem. Justice Hill by far is the best player on this offense and they don’t even try to get him involved at times. In fact, he has been used as a decoy more than anything. [HCS]

That’s the thing – it’s hard to envision OSU being successful without leaning on their best player. It’s hard to tell if they’ve been saving his legs for the stretch run or what’s going on but any type of offensive resurgence won’t be off of the improvement of a fifth-year quarterback but a more effective use of the Cowboys’ best player.

OSU and NCAA Notes

OSU lost to a team feeling pretty down before Saturday….Bill Self’s text messages show how high-level CBB recruiting works….See who PFF has on their midseason college football team….Four-star wing the Cowboys are after sets commitment date for next week….Pats fan who doused Tyreek Hill in beer faces punishment

Sounds like Evans should find another NBA roster sooner than later.

The Clippers had tried to trade Jawun Evans, but instead will waive him. Other teams like Evans, but preferred to take their chances on a waiver claim or hoping to sign him as a free agent.

— Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) October 15, 2018

Life was good in Stillwater when these three guys touched the ball every play.

AFC North

— Brad Lundblade (@BradLundblade) October 16, 2018

Here’s a list you don’t want to be on – Gameday hasn’t been to the below (not for long with how Iowa State is playing).

The now 11 P5 schools from which GameDay has not broadcast a show, ranked in order of odds on who I think will be the next first-timer to host a show.

Iowa State
Wake Forest

— Chris Fallica (@chrisfallica) October 15, 2018

The Waterboy was 20 years ago!

ATTN all Mud Dogs fans! @adidas releasing limited edition SCLSU for the 20th anniv of ‘The Waterboy’ later this week:

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) October 15, 2018

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