PFB - Daily Bullets (Oct 12) – Great Summary of 2018 Cowboy Football, Offensive Line Fixable, Joe Bob in Love

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
State of O-State

Here’s a pretty fair macro-level take on OSU football with a shinier outlook on 2019.

Oklahoma State is a mess on defense this year, between being pretty young at safety in conjunction with being very aggressive in scheme they are prone to crushing errors. They also don’t have good play at tackle, which stands to reason since they’re two years removed now from firing their OL coach because he didn’t recruit.

Everyone will count them out next year but they’ll be significantly improved at tackle, they’ll have Dru Brown/Spencer Sanders/Grad transfer ready to go at QB, and their D will be in much better shape after Knowles has a year to reflect on these failures and coach up his charges. [Concerning Sports]

After talking with a buddy – that point on OSU struggling on the offensive line should have been more apparent coming into this year. Henson has been a calming presence there with his recruiting efforts but he’s still a bit hamstrung with coaching Adkins’ recruits.

Here’s a hot take – I’m not positive OSU will be better at quarterback next year. My biggest support for this theory is Gundy’s… decision to not play Brown/Sanders. Is it because he wants to redshirt them or because they’re not better? I’m not sure but development at tackle (and the odd year schedule) will aid whoever is back there next year.

Efforting for the Win

When asked about his offensive line’s struggles, Gundy was able to make an encouraging point.

“They’re doing some things that they shouldn’t be doing,” Gundy said. “They’re fixable, and that’s the good news. When I was up here four or five years ago in front of you all … you couldn’t fix the problems. These things, we can fix.”

Gundy said Monday the problems are with technique and fundamentals. Oklahoma State’s offensive line didn’t suffer from a lack of effort against the Cyclones. [TulsaWorld]

After pointing the finger often at the offensive line this season (and away from Cornelius), it’s interesting to say the issues are fixable as there has to be more accountability after comments like that.

All Eyes on Brailford

Cowboy end Jordan Brailford is turning some heads and shooting up draft boards with his play this year.

The Cowboys’ versatile standout has been a high-energy player for aggressive defensive coordinator Jim Knowles and his 4-2-5 scheme. It has resulted in Brailford lining up at defensive end, outside linebacker and inside linebacker, keeping opponents guessing where he might be coming from next.

Brailford blends great size and strength to generate push, which allows him to apply constant pressure on the quarterback. While fast, he can also bull rush with power or use one of his dip, rip or swim moves, as he also possesses great bend. His draft stock has risen significantly over the past month. [NFL Draft]

And while he’s got a year of eligibility left, it may be hard for him to stay after losing a couple of years to injury.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Fun read: Cowboy coach Joe Bob Clements’ love story at K-State (also-he has a Wildcat tattoo)….Great SI piece on how Dabo Swinney went from interim to legend at Clemson….Enjoyed seeing Robert Whetsell back doing Picks from Joe’s (weekly preview of OSU game)….Tramel talks about the Meacham firing at KU

Underrated OSU vs. Arkansas storyline.

Looking forward to watching Gunnar Gundy vs. the Hogs in 2024.

— Nathan Ruiz (@NathanSRuiz) October 11, 2018

Consider the source (Mike Stoops) but an interesting quote on Jim Knowles and Big 12 offenses.

Great read. This quote's relevant to my recent tweets: "Look, I didn’t just become dumb. Jim Knowles is not a dumb coach. He’s a damn good football coach. I’ve seen his work. And he’s played (three) Big 12 games and look at what they gave up (117 points and 1,454 yards)."

— Mark Cooper (@mark_cooperjr) October 11, 2018

K-State’s got a pair of corners, should be a matchup to watch this weekend.

The five highest coverage grades from Big 12 cornerbacks in Week 6

— PFF College (@PFF_College) October 12, 2018

Playing TCU may be more interesting for OSU than I thought.

Shawn Robinson now has fumbled 5 times this season and thrown 7 interceptions. This is TCU’s 6th game.

— Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli) October 12, 2018

A Nike sponsorship we can all get behind.

Justin Gallegos, a runner at Oregon with cerebral palsy, thought he was just finishing another cross country race. Little did he know, Nike was waiting at the finish line to offer him a pro contract (via @kabdullah360 / Elevation 0m)

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) October 10, 2018

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