PFB - Daily Bullets (May 15): Filling the Last Spot in Boynton’s Class, NCAA Changes Coming?

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Feb 17, 2018
“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Teddy Roosevelt

Bullets Rundown

• Pokes interested in a grad transfer point guard
• NCAA considering big changes
• Crucial stretch in 2019 football schedule


• MG: Pokes are back -8 in second at the Louisville Regional

OSU Bullets

• GoPokes is noting that a grad transfer point guard is on OSU’s radar.

We had two separate sources confirm to Go Pokes that recent transfer portal entrant Ryan Woolridge of North Texas is considering Oklahoma State and the Cowboys are interested as well. [GoPokes]

Outside of Issac Likekele, the Cowboy roster is chocked full of shooting guards and small forwards (wings) but no true, high volume point guards. You could whip out some Avery Anderson film on me but I’m going off of 247 noting he’s a combo guard.

Either way – I’m all for adding a veteran ballhandler. Especially one with this kind of range:

• The NCAA came out with some interesting news yesterday – they’re taking a look at some of the issues around (potentially paying for) using student’s name, image, and likeness.

Is the NCAA taking the first creeping steps outside the ancient and heavily fortified walls of Castle Amateurism?

Indications are yes, given the intriguing (albeit understated) news from the association Tuesday: It has named a working group to “examine issues … related to student-athlete name, image and likeness.” While declaring that the group “will not consider any concepts that could be construed as payment for participation in college sports,” the fact that the NCAA is willing to discuss the matter at all is significant. [Yahoo Sports]

SI had a decent piece last month looking at an upcoming release for a college football game with fictitious universities but it provided solid context around the issue.

• Looking at the 2019 football schedule, this four-game stretch will define much of the Cowboys season – see what one Big 12 pundit projects during the stretch.

The Cowboys drop the game in Austin, but are 3-1 and able to bounce back with a win over a Kansas State team still trying to find its footing under new head coach Chris Klieman. That’s followed by three games in four weeks: at Texas Tech, vs. Baylor and at Iowa State. The latter two are hoping to be party crashers in the Big 12 this fall. If the Cowboys can get through this stretch with a 2-1 record they should be happy. [HCS]

If you want to win ten games, you’ve gotta 3-1 that crowd. I get that Iowa State and Texas are both on the rise but OSU hasn’t had as much of an issue with the Texas crowd (lately) and has Cardiac Cowboy’d out of Ames with wins over the last few trips.

•’s Andy Katz says Cam McGriff is one of five seniors poised for a breakout season

Chuba Hubbard lit it up in Justice Hill’s last year in college – can’t wait to see what he does with the spotlight.

Oklahoma returns two ELITE running backs that will be major headaches for opposing defensive coordinators.

— PFF College (@PFF_College) May 14, 2019

• A couple of Cowboy golfers were named semi-finalists for the Jack Nicklaus Player of the Year Award (named by the coaches).

Non-OSU Bullets

• Do I own my phone or does it own me?

• I was knee-deep in NBA mock drafts last night after the Lottery – here’s a solid free one (no paywall). The nugget on the Thunder at No. 21 was interesting.

• Embracing your incompetence

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