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Feb 17, 2018
Personal Note: Happy (landmark number) birthday to Mrs. Bullets – you’re prettier than any Brandon Weeden-thrown spiral, more graceful than a Jawun Evans lob, more brilliant than a Todd Monken play call and I’m more excited to celebrate you than the time I had my picture taken with Big Country.

Also – happy birthday and all the peach ice cream sandwiches to the OG, Pistols Guy, on his birthday also.

We’ve Got Questions, NCAA Gave Answers

Mark Cooper of the TulsaWorld got some answers from NCAA committee chair on what hurt the Pokes bid (sorry, not over it yet).

In Quadrant I games, as it was explained to the Tulsa World’s Mark Cooper by NCAA Selection Committee chairman Bruce Rasmussen during a Sunday night teleconference, Oklahoma State had 12 losses.

“Oklahoma State was really close to getting in,” said Rasmussen, the athletic director at Creighton. “I know that doesn’t make people feel any better. They had a really good year. But as we looked at the resumes of teams, Oklahoma State had 17 opportunities against (opponents) in Quadrant I. They won five of those.

“We also felt in looking at games outside the conference, they had a lot of wins but they had a lot of games against teams that really were in the bottom 100 in the RPI.” [TulsaWorld]

I’m not sure “how really close to getting in” equates with not being in the first-four out but Porter/Carson on the pod mentioned it’s flummoxing that OSU-OU weren’t within eight teams of each other (OU not in last four in/First Four games, OSU not in first four out).

Shipping Up to Boston

Can’t get enough of this draft placement for Mason Rudolph.

31. Patriots — Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State QB

( analyst Mike) Mayock called Rudolph a “really logical player” for the Patriots to draft and develop behind the ageless Tom Brady. You heard me: six quarterbacks taken in the first round. [Chicago Sun Times]

Is there anywhere in the world better for a young quarterback to land than the offensive system with the most sustained success over the last 20 years? Matt Cassell was a star here!

Also, great draft analysis of Rudolph’s prospects here from Pro Football Weekly.

OSU and NCAA Notes

What would a 64-team CFB bracket have looked like in 2018?….Jared Terrell can make up for not signing with the Pokes on Thursday….Mark Cooper gives three reasons why the Pokes didn’t make the Dance….Bracket Research: Yahoo ranks the 68 teams as title contenders and Berry Tramel gives his picks(plus five Cinderella teams to pick from)….Cowboy Golf with a 32-stroke win in San Diego

Make sure and update your brackets with the Virginia sixth-man out.

There's a new frontrunner in our NCAA forecast. With the injury to Virginia's De'Andre Hunter, Villanova is now the "favorite" to win the men's tournament at 18%. UVA second at 14%, followed by Duke (10%), KU (8%), MSU (7%) and Cincinnati (7%).

— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) March 13, 2018

Folks tuned in for the Pokes.

Big week of conference tourney action lead @UNC_Basketball, @AlabamaMBB, @OSUMBB, @BeaverAthletics and @PackMensBball to the Top 5 most listened to @Learfield schools on @TuneInSports this week! Listen to your favorite school here

— Learfield Live (@LearfieldLive) March 13, 2018

NFL Network coming to Stillwater? Things have changed.

Ready for a SHOW? Pro Day coming to you LIVE on the @nflnetwork!! #GoPokes #okstate #CowboyUp19

— Cowboy FB Recruiting (@CowboyFB_Elite) March 13, 2018

Gunnar -> Team USA

Blessed to receiver an invite to compete for a roster spot on the @USNFT National Team

— Gunnar Gundy (@GundyGunnar) March 13, 2018

Loved this transition pass by Carroll:

All this talk about Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen being the first qbs off the board, but what round is Jeff Carroll getting drafted? #okstate

— Dustin Ragusa (@DustRagu) March 14, 2018

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