PFB - Daily Bullets (Mar. 23): Top Five of the Week, Stillwater Fits Gleeson

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Feb 17, 2018
“Passion for something can easily tip into obsession, which is a dangerous thing, especially when those affected are they very people who so loyally stand and wait.” -Henry Worsley

Bullets Rundown

• Gleeson’s fit in Stillwater
• Boynton’s new target
• Tyreek Hill under investigation


• BB: Pokes 11, K-State 4
• WT: Cowgirls 7, Iowa State 0
• SB: Cowgirls 21, Baylor 2

OSU Bullets

• Most Viewed (No. 1): Sean Gleeson’s Non-Negotiable

Sean Gleeson – much like Mike Yurcich – is excited to be in a new gig, being flown up from the basement to one of the nicest offices in the building. By all means – the guy has hustled his tail off, proven himself at a lower level and earned his shot. I don’t think he’s pulling our leg saying things like no-huddle is “non-negotiable” but frankly, it may be a stipulation in his contract as well. This is the nature of taking on a gig like OSU from a rung way down the ladder.

• Most Viewed (No. 2): Boynton’s After a Four-Star Guard

One of the ideas Mike Boynton has reinforced is that he’s always recruiting, always turning over stones, always kicking the tires on a situation. I’m not sure what kind of relationship Bonton has with Chris Harris, Jr. but you better believe that Harris’ high school coach in Garland, Texas had probably heard from Boynton or heard that OSU was on the prowl with those last two scholarships.

Coaches hustle for situations like this – to hear about a talented player open late in the process when there’s a vacancy on their roster.

• Most Viewed (No. 3): Tyreek Hill Under Investigation

This is a hard situation to speak to – if the allegations are true, it’s hard to feel good living in a world where a third chance is given. There’s a tension between trying to understand a person is innocent until proven otherwise and feeling the need to confirm a bias based on previous circumstances.

• Most Viewed (No. 4): Christian Brown Commits to Georgia

If you ride the bull of following recruiting, you’re going to get stepped on. You understand seeing a kid from the Carolinas stick around the southeast but the tea leaves seemed to be telling a different story on Brown.

• Most Viewed (No. 5): How OSU Goes Dancing in 2020

I agreed with Marshall’s general premise of the piece (easier scheduling, a developed core and lots of reinforcements) and the idea of going 9-9 in the Big 12 feels like a great improvement. That puts you back into that 8,9 game in the tournament give or take a seed and indicates this train is headed in the right direction.

• There were so many nuggets about OSU in this Football Study Hall piece and I’ll be pulling from it until Wednesday. But I loved this statistic about Mike Gundy.

Gundy has the best record out of the non-blueblood programs in the league and the longer tenured coaches. When the only coaches with better winning percentages are young hotshot hires with only a few years under their belt at schools with double your resources, you’re doing something remarkably well. [FSH]

This is the genius of Mike Gundy and the reason he’s got enough leash to take him from Stillwater to Wichita and back: he’s done more with the resources he has than anybody else has (at OSU and than any non-Snyders in the Big 12).

Non-OSU Bullets

• This on winning arguments brought brilliant perspective. I’m not sure if everyone does this but I know I do and it was incredibly humbling to see the thought process written down.

The first thing we usually do when someone disagrees with us is that we just assume they are ignorant. You know, they don’t have access to the same information we do and when we generously share that information with them, they are going to see the light and come on over to our team.

When that doesn’t work. When it turns out those people have all the same information and they still don’t agree with us we move onto a second assumption. They’re idiots … [Farnam Street]

• The quest to land the oldest, most expensive book in the world

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