PFB - Daily Bullets (June 4): Multiple OSU Players Test Positive And That’s to be Expected

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

• The big news yesterday: three OSU football players tested positive for Covid-19

This was good context from within the university: positives were expected.

For the record: @OSUAthletics has tested over 150 staff/admins/student-athletes with 3 asymptomatic positives. All by SAs. Positives were expected and the plan for that scenario has been activated. We will be as forthcoming as possible on the covid issues. #okstate

— Kevin Klintworth (@KKlintworth) June 3, 2020

Cowgirl alum (and current club soccer coach) Yolanda Thomas shares her thoughts on the current cultural moment

• It’s hard to imagine football making money-saving moves but OSU’s move to schedule Tulsa is one meant to maximize return on investment.

Clearly, there is a movement for more constrained budgets.

So the OSU-Tulsa series, which once was a staple but went largely dormant for almost 20 years, is part of a bigger trend. [NewsOK]

The article lists tons of examples of the regionalization of scheduling, the Pokes are hopping on board.

• Our man Kyle Boone is touting Cade Cunningham wherever he can – we should all be confident Cunningham will live up to the hype.

"I talked to a scout who told me that Cade Cunningham would be the No. 1 draft pick in this year's draft if he were eligible."@Kyle__Boone thinks @CadeCunningham_ will make a HUGE impact for @OSUMBB

— CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ) June 3, 2020

• A couple of Cowboy Baseball players were named freshman All-Americans

• Another reason why Stillwater is the best.

A peaceful and positive protest in Stillwater today. Proud of our citizens, the protesters, Stillwater PD, city officials and the whole community for coming together to support change in a positive manner.

— Mike Gundy (@CoachGundy) June 3, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

• Scroll to the end of this Ringer piece to enjoy hearing SGA raved about (for Thunder fans) – fun to hear the NBA should be announcing it’s coming back today
This “Cake on the Seat” post describes one of the best things about marriage
• Enjoyed this David Baldacci read set in Appalachia – fun summer read

Been reading about social media, the space it fills and the pros and cons of engaging – this comment on how we’re all expected to engage was thoughtful:

The internet is also a mugger, but what it demands is not my money but my attention and my reaction, and it wants them right now. And “I’m thinking it over” isn’t an acceptable response. [The American Conservative]

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