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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Quarter-Back for the Win

While West Virginia’s Will Grier and the quarterbacks at Iowa State and Baylor return with solid league experience, it’s this bunch of guys who are likely to shape the upper and middle tiers of the league.

The more pertinent question: Among quarterbacks like Kyler Murray, Shawn Robinson, Sam Ehlinger/Shane Buchele, Dru Brown, who will have the biggest season? That could determine who winds up on top of the Big 12. [SportsDay]

It’s not a crazy thought – whoever gets the best performance between the bluebloods (Texas, OU) and the regular contenders (Oklahoma State, TCU) will vie for the crown… or quickly fade from contention.

Now You See Me…

Something strange (to me) about basketball is the rapid turnaround from playoff baseball to MLB Draft.

(Jonathan) Heasley and (Carson) Teel made up two-thirds of OSU’s weekend rotation, and (Matt) Kroon started 57 of the Cowboys’ 58 games on the left side of the infield for a team that had its season end Sunday in the final of the DeLand Regional.

“It’s obviously a busy time of year,” Holliday said. “You go from that joy of competing with your team and playing for something at the end to such a quick turnaround with summertime.

“Obviously, the Major League Baseball Draft creates another set of details and circumstances to assess and work through.” [NewsOK]

While it stinks to lose the arms and clutch bat and fielding from Kroon, it’s hard to imagine a team coming a win away from a Big 12 season championship and not losing some underclassmen.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Porter has Rickie Fowler as the No. 2 guy to cheer for at the U.S. Open….There’s at least one NFL team that would welcome Dez Bryant with open arms….See what the seven loudest (by decibel) college football stadiums were….CBS sportscaster differentiates between his time at CBS and ESPN….A couple of former Cowboys are playing in the CFL this year

Boynton called the fifth most timeouts used in college basketball. Underwood was second.

Most timeouts per game: Washington State 3.33, Illinois 3.31, Vanderbilt 3.27, Rutgers 3.22, Oklahoma State 3.17

— Ken Pomeroy (@kenpomeroy) June 12, 2018

The Big 12 is hanging tough.

The Big 12 is the only Power Five conference to have a team in the College Football Playoff, NCAA Final Four, and College World Series.

— Kegan Reneau (@KeganReneau) June 12, 2018

More color around this situation with a Cowboy receiver and a tough young man.

An act of kindness goes a long way. Former Douglass standout and @CowboyFB wide receiver Patrick McKaufman ran with 18-year-old Gianni Toce out of Mandeville, LA as his guide runner at Endeavor Games. Toce lost both his eyes in fireworks incident when he was eight years old.

— Sam Gannon (@SamGannon87) June 10, 2018

Sports are fun.

lmao the gators distract the pitcher with a fake fall at 1st and steal home

— nick (@nick_pants) June 12, 2018

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