PFB - Daily Bullets (June 1): Eddie Stories, Chuba Sets a Date(?)

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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Is it really June? Losing the sports markers for seasons (fall = football, summer = NBA playoffs, Masters = spring, etc.) has me thrown.

OSU Bullets

Loads of great Eddie Sutton nuggets in this Tramel piece – the Harry Birdwell comments at the end will hit you right in the feels

Chuba Hubbard set a date on Twitter for some sort of announcement he’ll be making – here were two responses that I liked (also – I have no idea how much credibility they have): First, he’s starting a non-profit.

Hubbard is launching a nonprofit organization — Your Life, Your Choice — to support children who grew up in circumstances like his own.

— OSU_cara (@CaraOsu) May 30, 2020

No idea where this was pulled from but I’ve heard the same narrative – eligibility stems from other causes.

Everyone calm down. Chuba could have left for the draft but chose to stay because he felt this season could be something special. Not everything in these young men’s lives are about football. Also…

— Bradley Dyer (@BradDyer1) May 30, 2020

Cowboy alum Lane Taylor took a $3M pay cut, helping the Green Bay Packers clear space

• The Oklahoman’s Scott Wright caught up with Ethan Bullock’s (the new Dru Brown) college coach

• Great piece looking at all the transfers coming into Big 12 football – OSU scores favorably with their haul (Sills would be a banner year – Holmes and Clay are filthy riches)

Mike Gundy was well-spoken on the George Floyd situation – Mike Boynton was terrific

Non-OSU Bullets

• HBS says to do less to be more productieve
• Thoughtful faith-based read on why returning to normal has folks anxious
• Interesting NYT piece on trying hobbies (many or few) during quarantine

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