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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Happy Big 12 Media Days Week! Where everyone improved their physique (except for us in the media, of course), every team in the Big 12 is somehow going to go 10-2 and there’s more optimism than there is “talk about …” questions.

How Will Gundy respond?

I have some of the same questions about this week that Berry Tramel does, and he nailed this on Mike Gundy.

Gundy has stayed mum, except for tweeting emojis of an eyeroll and confusion. But there’s no way Gundy can be happy that Holder lobbed that hand grenade, considering the Cowboys’ national success and Gundy leading OSU into what must be considered its golden years. [NewsOK]​

I’m guessing Gundy takes some sort of high road but throws in a wink*wink, nod*nod comment for good measure at some point.

Robert on Dax

Interesting stuff in here from Robert Allen about Dax Hill, though I’m not sure if it actually pushes the narrative forward.

I’ve said this all along, and I will continue it. Dax Hill has a chance of winding up in Stillwater. As so many close to him have said, he is familiar with Oklahoma State and likes the way they have coached and treated his brother. He understands how they will use him, both sides of the ball, and very versatile on defense. Alabama and Ohio State have major advantages in that they are national championship contenders year in and year out and they have been the two heaviest contributors of defensive secondary talent to the NFL Draft. [Go Pokes]​

Of course Dax has a chance of winding up in Stillwater. Matthew Wolff had a chance of winning the U.S. Open this year. Does that mean it’s likely to happen? No, though I think the way people think about where Dax is going to go is indicative of how they view Oklahoma State as a program right now.

West Coast Central Michigan?

Could Boise State play the role of CMU this season?

Central Michigan brought an accomplished senior quarterback to Stillwater two Septembers ago, plus a defense returning most of its starters and a coach who knew what he was doing. The Cowboys didn’t have their pulse and officials screwed up CMU’s Hail Mary that day, but the Chippewas did a lot to win that game. Now comes Boise State, a higher-profiled mid-major with better players and a stronger non-conference pedigree. [Tulsa World]​
Richmond the new Henson?

RA makes the case for Greg Richmond as a new Josh Henson-like figure on the defensive side in Stillwater, USA.

Richmond not only says that, he believes it with every fiber of his being. Ask him about Oklahoma State only if you are prepared to listen for a good long time. Gundy had to be thinking as he listened to Richmond talk to the team just how his speech would play in a high school coaches office or better yet in the living room of a recruit. Greg Richmond doesn’t just have a passion about talking Oklahoma State and Cowboy football, but he has experience behind it that makes him tremendously credible. [Go Pokes]​
OSU and NCAA Notes

Gary Patterson is not a fan of the new transfer rule … Rickie Fowler had a strong Scottish Open in front of this week’s Open at Carnoustie … Dru Brown likely won’t get to Stillwater until the end of July … Robert Allen will be asking football questions only this week … On the praise and worship of Texas … Jimmy Johnson apparently had discussions with Rice (!) while at OSU … what Oklahoma media think of OSU this year … Good profile of the Oil Baron here.

Let’s goooooooooooooooooo.

Hello again, old friend. #Big12MediaDays

— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) July 15, 2018

Yesterday on PFB

— FloWrestling (@FloWrestling) July 15, 2018

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