PFB - Daily Bullets (July 16): Big 12 Media Days Didn’t Disappoint

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Feb 17, 2018
Mike Gundy showed up to Big 12 Media Days awfully calm for someone without a starting quarterback established and with plenty of other questions about his team. His mullet was full and his buzz words were fitting (discipline and toughness).

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy didn’t name his starting QB (duh)
• Les Miles is still a walking sound bite
• Gundy feeling rejuvenated
• OSU adds under-the-radar freak

Big Media Day Bullets

• The biggest question facing OSU is the one nobody expected to be answered on Monday. According to Gundy, Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown are 1a and 1b (or rather 1x and 1x) with neither having taken the reins of the offense yet.

Bill Haisten recalled another QB competition including a highly-touted Texas passer. (For the record, Bill’s sticking with his prediction that Sanders starts the entire year).

“We had to put the guy out there who gave us the best chance to make plays,” Gundy recalled. “Bobby wasn’t very healthy at times, and the other guy was making plays. Bobby had every chance to play, and to make plays. I don’t remember it being that stressful.”

My memory of that time is totally different. I sensed a ton of stress, and it was my belief Gundy felt great pressure in having to bench a big-time Texas recruit like Reid. [Tulsa World]

On Monday, Gundy looked anything but stressed. Hopefully that’s a good sign for OSU.

• Tylan Wallace says Sean Gleeson brings something that has been missing from OSU’s offense, intensity and aggression. [heart eyes emoji]

Stud WR @OfficialTylan2 stopped by the desk to talk about the expectations for the @CowboyFB offense.#Big12FB | #GoPokes

— FOX Sports Southwest (@FOXSportsSW) July 15, 2019

• At the podium Les Miles was asked how the talent he inherits at Kansas compares to the what he had when he showed up in Stillwater. If he’s picking sides, he says going with the 2019 Jayhawks. Think I’m with OKC Dave on this one.

D. Williams

I'd take 'em against KU

— Dave Hudson (@okc_dave) July 15, 2019

• Shots fired. At least the Mad Hatter is confident in the league.

Here’s how @CoachLesMiles would rank the Power 5 conferences. “Pac-12 would not be an issue.” “It’s us and the @SEC.” #Big12MediaDays

— Heartland College Sports (@Heartland_CS) July 15, 2019

• As is the yearly tradition, Mike Gundy’s elongated locks stole the show.

— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) July 15, 2019

Arkansas Waterfall + 5 o’clock shadow = guaranteed 10 wins. #OKState

— Guerin Emig (@GuerinEmig) July 15, 2019

That flow. It’s ready. #okstate

— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) July 15, 2019

• And would it really be Media Day without a story or two from the farm?

Knew Mike Gundy had a farm but didn't know this … #OKState

— Nate Feken (@TheGreat_Nate) July 15, 2019

Note: The time for OSU’s Oct. 5 trip to Lubbock is TBD.

Gary Patterson said there’s one major difference between playing Texas Tech in Lubbock in the daytime and at nighttime:

“They throw tortillas at us in the daytime, and they throw frozen water bottles at us at night.” #Big12MediaDays

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) July 15, 2019

• Either the date on the trophy is wrong, or OSU has resigned itself to/is predicting back-to-back Liberty Bowl championships.

OSU’s Liberty Bowl trophy on display. #okstate

— Phillip (@OKTXARPoke) July 15, 2019

PFB Takes on Arlington

Kyle Boone and Marshall Scott were on hand covering the event and each came out with some great stories. There’s much more coming as the week goes on, but here’s what we learned on Monday.

• Boone on why Mike Gundy has a pep in his step heading into the fall.

Gundy on the ongoing QB race, “We haven’t had anybody go ahead and take the reins at this point.”

• Check out the jersey digits for OSU’s newcomers. Langston Anderson’s is

Marshall’s Notebook will cover anything else you might have missed.

Other OSU Bullets

• Mike Gundy got some good news on his way back from Texas when Bixby athlete — and OBJ impersonator — Brennan Presley committed for the 2020 class.

• 2020 linebacker commit Jeff Roberson came in at No. 8 on The Oklahoman‘s Super 30. This from Scott Wright’s story should get you excited about what the Choctaw product will bring to OSU.

Roberson’s speed sets him apart, making him an ideal fit in Knowles’ 4-2-5 defense, where linebackers are asked to be versatile playmakers in the box and in the secondary.

“He’s a freakishly athletic kid who plays extremely hard,” Choctaw coach Jake Corbin said. “He’s very fast, physical, and he’ll deliver a punch when he gets there. [NewsOK]
Non-OSU Bullets

• Guard yourself with a little self control so that Amazon doesn’t take advantage of you.

A fictional (for now) look at what effects censorship and regulation could have on online media.

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