PFB - Daily Bullets (Feb. 26): OSU’s Gen Z Recruiting Weapon, Making the NIT – Fun or Not?

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Feb 17, 2018
What’s your take for the best basketball uni – cursive Cowboys or 95′ throwbacks? Here’s a cop-out – they’re both the ideal for home and away, respectively.

Bullets Rundown

• Fun or not: making the NIT
• CH III – golf’s version of Nick Collison
• Recruiting Gen Z – OSU’s most valuable employee


• BB: Pokes 9, Little Rock 1

OSU Bullets

• How would you feel about OSU making the NIT this year?

If you are Oklahoma State, it would a good thing this year. It would be different than two years ago, when OSU deserved the NCAA Tournament bid that Oklahoma received and settled for the NIT instead. That felt miserable.

The Cowboys making the NIT this year? That would feel… well… I’m not sure cheerful is the right word. How about acceptable, or somewhere between the two. [TulsaWorld]

At this point in the Boynton tenure, I don’t know that it means a whole lot. You could almost squint your eyes and see the old football bowl argument “extra practices and games are good, right?”

Cowboy golf alum Charles Howell III has one of the sneakiest streaks in sports – 20 years of consistently solid professional play.

Howell’s T-53 at last week’s WGC-Mexico Championship went largely unnoticed, but he didn’t walk away empty handed, earning $39,100. So what? Well, that chunk of change took him to $1,022,917 in earnings for the season, pushing him over the $1 million mark for a 20th consecutive year. [Golf Digest]

Only golf legend Phil Mickelson has a longer streak (24 years).

One of the most important recruiting roles in Cowboy Football has absolutely nothing to do with any understanding of football – graphic designers.

“It’s a huge factor in recruiting right now,” said Oklahoma State recruiting coordinator Todd Bradford. “Because it’s all social media, like the kids all want. They all want custom graphics. They all want things that they can post. Our guys do an unbelievable great job of doing that, so that the kids have unique things to post.” [Pokes Report]

Wyatt Sheets locks up wrestler of the week after he was the lone shining star in Iowa over the weekend

Cowboy Baseball is rolling – five straight.

helped the Cowboys' winning streak reach5⃣ Tuesday at Allie P. Recap, stats, highlights, photos & reaction #GoPokes #okstate #MakeItHappen

— Cowboy Baseball (@osubaseball) February 26, 2020

• Happy belated Mardi Gras from your Louisiana Pokes:

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras from all our Louisiana Cowboys!
#FatTuesday #MardiGras2020

— Cowboy Football
(@CowboyFB) February 25, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

• The hundred most spoken languages (and their scale) in the world

Zion = the new Shaq

• This Godin blog is a little more “Ecclesiastes” than I’d prefer but good thought on chances vs. risks

• A buddy turned me
onto this podcast
that explained the political divide in the US better than I’ve heard anywhere – really good

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