PFB - Daily Bullets (Dec. 6): Cowboy Football Living Large in the 2010s, Cowboy Football’s Must Sign (Probably)

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Feb 17, 2018
If you’re a business, you’ll want to get in on marketing to 1.3 million Cowboy fans.

Bullets Rundown

• Life was good in the 2010s
• Must sign for Cowboy Football
• Boomer goner

OSU Bullets

• Something that has made being an Oklahoma State football fan so much fun is being on the field deciding conference championships on the last weekend of the season.

/Whispers OSU was a bad Blackmon leg from playing for as many Big 12 titles in the 2010s (five) as OU. When we talk about expectations at Oklahoma State, getting to the Big 12 title game should be a great season in terms of expectations. Gundy did it 40 percent of the time the last decade. [PFB]

This makes for a lot of fun but it also makes it hard to be content with seasons like this one. Winning eight games isn’t a failure (at a school like Oklahoma State) but it doesn’t get your heart pumping either.

• As Cowboy Football wraps up its 2020 recruiting class, there’s one (potentially) glaring need they have to fill.

The answer here could change over the next six weeks, but it would appear to be running back right now. Whether Chuba Hubbard declares for early entry into the NFL Draft or not, OSU is lacking depth behind him.

Only LD Brown played a significant role behind Hubbard. Redshirt freshman Jahmyl Jeter entered the portal. Junior-college transfer Dezmon Jackson played in one game while redshirting, meaning he will be a junior next season. True freshman Deondrick Glass played in one game, but did not suit up for several games late in the season. [NewsOK]

No offense to the #loyalandtrue but I’m not interested in watching 13 games of the LD Brown show. Dezmon Jackson or Deondrick Glass have to pop or one of these recruits has to be ready.

• Four-star Cowboy Back Grayson Boomer made some comments to the TulsaWorld about why he’s transferring.

“Honestly, I just think there were multiple things that kind of went into this decision,” Boomer said. “I just think that it’s best that I get a fresh start somewhere else.”

“Every visit I took here it felt like this is where I wanted to play ever since I grew up…”

“It just wasn’t the place for me. It just wasn’t a good fit. I never felt myself really enjoying the game of football anymore, I would say.” [TulsaWorld]

Quoted above in the order the article gave them (but less the remarks made around the quotes from the writer), but are just as perplexing regardless. Boy loves OSU, boy comes to school, then boy leaves.

Marcus Arroyo’s name is getting tossed around as a head coaching candidate

Chuba Hubbard is one of five finalists for the Walter Camp Award

• Lincoln Riley to Dallas would fix all my problems

Live look into every Dallas Cowboys fan’s brain:

— Gabe Ikard (@GabeIkard) December 6, 2019

• This may be unamerican but I’m way out on these Navy helmets. I’m here for the unis but I’m crushing the sell button on the lids.

On a related note, if the Pokes ever used winged helmets, they would rival the 88′ brand for the best throwback.

Forged by history, bound by .

: | #BuiltDifferent | #BeatArmy

— Navy Football (@NavyFB) December 5, 2019

We’ve got Canada and the Governor’s Mansion in on Chuba’s Heisman campaign – the suspense will only have to last until Monday (12/9) to know if he’ll get the invite or not.

Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt (@GovStitt) on whether he thinks #OkState RB Chuba Hubbard (@Hubbard_RMN) deserves to be a Heisman candidate:

"100%. Whoever I need to make a phone call to, I will do it. Chuba's the man."


— Ryan Novozinsky (@ryannovo62) December 5, 2019

Non-OSU Bullets

Most beautiful natural wonders in each state makes for the start of a great bucket list
• This faith-based article looking at how to foster healthy social media was habits is good
• Add Melo to the list with Kanter of players that couldn’t thrive in OKC but are in Portland

Go ahead and pencil me in for a Q1 viewing of Craig’s last Bond movie.

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