PFB - Daily Bullets (Aug. 3): Hargis and Board Meets Today Deciding B12 Season Fate, FPI Has This League on Top

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Feb 17, 2018
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OSU Bullets

The Big 12’s Board of Directors is meeting today to discuss some options – three in particular. OSU President Burns Hargis will be included.

On Monday, Hargis again is scheduled for participation in a heavy meeting as the Big 12 Board of Directors discusses three options: a 10-game football schedule (nine league games plus one nonconference contest) that would begin on Sept. 5 or Sept. 12, an 11-game schedule that would begin on Aug. 29, and a 12-game schedule that also would launch on Aug. 29. [TulsaWorld]

So there you have it: ten, 11 or, 12 games. But there’s one direction this thing appears headed towards:

CBS Sports quoted an unidentified Big 12 official as having said, “I think we’re probably headed down a pathway of nine plus one.” [TulsaWorld]

• ESPN’s FPI indicator says one football conference is better than the rest: the SEC the Big 12? (!)

Here’s a surprise — the Big 12 enters the 2020 season as potentially college football’s most competitive league. Thanks to top-to-bottom balance per ESPN’s FPI, the Big 12 features two title contenders — Oklahoma at No. 10 and Texas at No. 11 — along with several teams on the verge, including Oklahoma State (No. 17) and Iowa State (No. 27). [247 Sports]

• Loved that this guy had Chuba Hubbard with the highest-ranking in the Big 12 on his fictional CFB video game

• News of the day in college sports yesterday: Pac-12 players collectively demanding a laundry list of major concessions or they won’t play in 2020. (All ten of the Pac-12 fans are surely furious)

Pac-12 players demands not to boycott season include: commish Larry Scott, administrators & coaches must drastically reduce salaries; distribute 50% of each sport’s Pac-12 revenue among athletes in each sport & prohibit COVID agreements waiving liability

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) August 2, 2020

• You can get odds on two different Pokes to win the Heisman

NCAA will have to readjust the number for bowl win eligibility – It may be a moot point… do we really feel confident teams will get to play in them?

• Marcus Smart made it to the bubble:

How can you not love Marcus Smart?

— Kyle Boone (@Kyle__Boone) July 31, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

Thunder/Jazz tipped off four months and 21 days later.
• I think I posted this last week but it was great: “Love is inconvenient.” (faith-based) Liked this Tim Keller quote on the topic of well-rounded love as well.

Want a Covid-project? Buy a rural Italian home for one euro:

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