PFB - Daily Bullets (Apr. 2): Boynton Draws a Blueblood

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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Southwell nailed the month of March with this tweet:

March 1 vs. March 31

— Southwell (@JustinSouthwell) April 1, 2020

Bullets Rundown

• OSU gets Lousiville this winter
• Boynton on why he loves sports
• OSU’s Big 12 title odds

OSU Bullets

• Yesterday it was announced that Mike Boynton’s squad will take on a basketball blueblood in non-conference play, the Louisville Cardinals – a premium matchup.

So that means if (Jay) Scrubb doesn’t turn pro, a showdown between the No. 1 high school player (Cade Cunningham) and the No. 1 junior college player (Scrubb) could really be on the table in this one. (Translated: ESPN won’t have a hard time selling this matchup!) [PFB]

Seeing the appeal of this matchup reopens a wound – one inflicted by the leadership of the Big 12 when they refused to add the Cardinals. Why they couldn’t move to 11 and add both West Virginia and Louisville is beyond me – the Big Ten did it with Penn State and was just fine.

I get that they just had a big scandal with Rick Pitino (not ideal with the Baylor scandal in the Big 12’s recent history) but this quote from a 2013 article reinforces the upside of the addition:

The league would have a more geographically friendly partner in Louisville. Counting Kansas, it would have two top 10 basketball programs. Right now, it would also have a top-five football team and the No. 1 Heisman Trophy candidate in Lamar Jackson. [CBS Sports]

Mike Boynton on why he loves sports is great released their Big 12 football odds – see where they have the Pokes.


Oklahoma 4/5

Texas 3/2

Oklahoma State 6/1 [Concerning Sports]

The Pokes are followed by Iowa State (at 12/1) and Baylor (at 16/1). I think these are the right numbers – if you had a hundred bucks, how much would you bet on somebody not OU?

• This Stadium article anonymously interviewing D1 athletic directors had some great insights about football this fall

• The idea of negotiating temporary reductions with the coaches seems to be the best way to save money

Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard said school will implement a 1-year, temporary pay reduction for athletics department coaches & certain staff, reducing total payroll at least $3 million & a 1-year temporary suspension of all bonuses/incentives for all coaches, saving $1 million

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) April 1, 2020

• Safety Tre Sterling had a pretty good April Fools joke on/for Cowboy fans:

Forever a Cowboy

— Tre Sterling (@sterling__trey) April 2, 2020

Non-OSU Bullets

• Enjoyed this old conference realignment rabbit trail – this leftover Big 12/Big East wouldn’t have been horrible
• Good #QuarantineLife piece – how to raise kids who are best friends
• NBA what-ifs from 538 on if the season doesn’t return

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