PFB - Cornelius, Sinor Recognized as Big 12 Players of the Week

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Feb 17, 2018
Taylor Cornelius and Zach Sinor raked in accolades in the same week — what a time to be alive.

The Big 12 announced its Players of the Week on Monday, where Oklahoma State was well represented.

Week 9 in three words: off the charts.

— Big 12 Conference (@Big12Conference) October 29, 2018

Taylor Cornelius was named the conference’s Offensive Player of the Week. Cornelius completed about 68 percent of his passes for 321 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions in OSU’s 38-35 win over No. 6 Texas on Saturday. He also had 23 rushing yards and two more touchdowns.

Cornelius’ final touchdown came on a third-and-10 that ended up being a game-winner. Cornelius iced the game with another third-down run and was able to kneel out the clock from there.

Sinor shared Special Teams Player of the Week honors with Kansas kicker Gabriel Rui, an Oklahoma native. Sinor punted four times and averaged 45 yards per, but he also had a momentum-shifting 57-yarder that pinned Texas on its 2-yard line.

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