PFB - Boynton Strikes Balance as a Coach With Fun on Twitter but Results That Follow

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Feb 17, 2018
Ah Twitter, the battle grounds upon which wars for college athletics territory and spoils are waged. Millions of future dollars can change hands over single tweets and Instagram posts, and it’s all a little bit (just a little bit) silly, right?

Nevertheless, the game must be played, and Oklahoma State basketball coach Mike Boynton is playing it quite well these days. That was on display over the weekend. After not tweeting much at the beginning of April, Boynton fired this baby off on Saturday afternoon. It was a nod to Kentrevious Jones visiting and eventually committing to OSU.

It's happening….

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) April 14, 2018

OU fans took exception. Apparently Lincoln Riley filed a trademark on the eyeballs emoji while Oklahoma lawmakers were trying to figure out the teacher strike (that’s a joke, don’t go Google it) because Boynton caught a few jabs from Sooners on Twitter. That resulted in these knee-weakening exchanges.


— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) April 14, 2018


— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) April 16, 2018

He followed those with these gems on Sunday.

What an awesome God I serve!
. (I hope I don't offend the owners of this emoji) #EverybodyMad #GoPokes

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) April 15, 2018

A great Cowboy day on campus and off… More news to come in the morning. And to those short on memory
. #Everybodymad

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) April 16, 2018

All of this is of course fantastic for #blogboys like myself who need to fill up April and May with interesting #content. But it’s also fantastic because it provides recruits with some front-facing panache that could raise an eyebrow in the world they live in
. And I haven’t even mentioned how much it stirs up a fanbase that is dying for its coaches to feel the mystique and history and importance of a place that they have felt.

Boynton played it off well, too. It was Brad Underwood jawing at the OU student section, but in this case with a little less nervous laughter that, you know, the head ball coach was maybe being a little bit too serious.

It's all good Coach. This has been like a final exam in the initiation process. I haven't laughed this much in a while… College sports are suppose to be fun. I respect all. #Bedlam

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) April 16, 2018

As an aside: I’d like to note how low-key baller it is that his Twitter handle is “thacoachmike.” Can you imagine Coach K or Tom Izzo doing this (@thacoachk or @thacoachizzo)? Heck, can you imagine Coack K or Tom Izzo physically running their account like Boynton does? Anyway, back to my post.

Boynton has become a harmonically-impressive purveyor of both confidence and hunger for the OSU program. This plays out in the way he talks, the way he tweets, his #letswork slogan and pretty much every profile that has been written about him.

This is paramount for a school like Oklahoma State, which is neither a blue blood nor a Davidic figure in the college hoops world. Average to above programs, historically, need to be driven by personalities teeming with equal parts toughness and the cocksure attitude of a man who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t really care to.

This is in many ways what Mike Gundy has become. The balanced tension between aggressively confident and wild-eyed hunger for success in college sports is tough to hit, but it also informs the tension between having fun on Twitter and being a professional. Boynton seems to be nailing both, and the fact that he landed three targets in rapid succession following his LOLs on Twitter is a
on the entire thing.

Did you see what Tulsa Memorial coach Bobby Allison said about why his prize twins committed to Boynton and OSU on Monday?

“(Boynton) is an underdog story,” Allison told the World. “I think (the Boones) see their story as being an underdog story. Even though they have been blessed with size, they can relate to how (Boynton) has done it from the ground up. That OSU season could have been a lost season, but he got more out of it than most (coaches) could.”

“With Boynton, there’s a level of kindness and a level of toughness in the (OSU) program now. (The Boones) are kind kids but they’re also tough kids.”

The tension. Kind but tough. Steady but ferocious. Fun-loving but business-like. Saying “nobody believes in us (me), but we’re going to hang a banner” one day and “this team I have this year is pretty dang good” the next, and making you believe both. Holding one in one hand and one in another.

It’s tough to strike these notes as a leader, and I’m sure Boynton fails as often as he succeeds, but he also seems to understand the importance of a dynamic personality in both leadership and recruiting. It’s good for Oklahoma State hoops and it’s a hell of a lot of fun for us, especially since we get to watch it play out in a very public manner.

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