PFB - Baker Mayfield and Charles Woodson (and Mike Gundy) Wish Barry Sanders a Happy 50th

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Feb 17, 2018
Barry Sanders turns 50 on Monday (which makes me feel incredibly old), and he got some well wishes this week from Mike Gundy — who was at an undisclosed location on campus in Stillwater — as well as Baker Mayfield, Charles Woodson and the gang in the Heisman house.

Happy Birthday to the legend! @BarrySanders #20turns50 #okstate #GoPokes

— Mike Gundy (@CoachGundy) July 5, 2018

First up, Gundy.

“Barry, Coach Gundy here from … on campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Wanted to wish you a happy 50th birthday. Look forward to seeing you here for a couple of games this fall. Happy birthday, Barry.”

I don’t even know where to begin … but Sanders responded, and it was great.

Thanks Mike… how come you look so young

— Barry Sanders (@BarrySanders) July 6, 2018

Go #pokes. See you, the team, & and the fans Oct 27th.

— Barry Sanders (@BarrySanders) July 6, 2018

Then another Mike (Boynton) jumped in and got in on Gundy’s “on campus” remark.

Happy Birthday to the GOAT of Running Backs, @BarrySanders! @CoachGundy, I need to go on a campus tour with you!.

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) July 5, 2018

THEN, Barry got a cake from some of his pals in the Heisman house. First, here’s the video.

And now my five favorite things about the video.

  1. Baker comes running once the camera is turned on (editorial, but indulge me)
  2. Whoever is next to Derrick Henry disrespecting the GOAT by flipping channels!
  3. Charles Woodson looks like he could go both ways against Purdue this fall.
  4. Lord of the Rings? I would not have thought Lord of the Rings as the movie of choice in this house.
  5. Baker’s reaction to Barry’s not great joke. Find you somebody who will laugh at your mediocre jokes like Baker laughs at Barry.

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