PFB - Announcing PFB’s Bracket Challenge Winners

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Basketball season has come and gone and we had a great time with our Pistols Firing Bracket Challenge again this year. Over 700 of you participated and I’d guess about 695 picked Rhode Island in their first round matchup. Your Bedlam hate has served you well.

The winner of our bracket challenge was none other than PFB contributor Nick Welch. Nick came in with a score of 142 after correctly picking three of four Final Four teams, the championship matchup and Villanova’s title.

But we obviously can’t win our own contest so here are the next three highest scores and those who will be taking home some PFB swag. Winners will be contacted via email.

First Prize – Brinlee Griffith

Brinlee came in No. 2 overall with a score of 136 after correctly picking one half of the Final Four teams, both sides of the championship game and Nova’s crown.

Second Prize – Matthew Wilkinson

Matthew finished with a score of 131 on his bracket going 2-of-4 in his Final Four picking Virginia (Loyola-Chicago) and Michigan State (instead of Kansas).

Third Prize – Zach Lang

Zach comes in third with his score of 130 and with a Final Four of Virginia, Villanova, Michigan and Michigan State.

PFB Staff

For the sake of full disclosure, here’s a look at how the PFB staff ranked.

Nick Welch – 1
Kyle Cox – T25
Steven Mandeville – 95
Justin Southwell – 153
Adam Lunt – 173
Jacob Overton – 220
Jackson Lavarnway – T246
Kyle Boone – 271
Carson Cunningham – 274
Kyle Porter – 349
Phillip Slavin – 356

This was a lot of fun and we had a bigger turnout than last year. Hopefully even more will participate next year.

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