PFB - A Look at Mike Gundy’s History in Ranked Home Matchups

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Feb 17, 2018
Mike Gundy doesn’t have the best track record in ranked home matchups.

Since Gundy took over in 2005, Oklahoma State is 6-9 in home games where both teams are in the AP Poll, including four straight losses. Saturday, Gundy and the Cowboys will have an opportunity to break that streak when the 24th-ranked Pokes play No. 17 Boise State.

This is only the second time OSU will play a ranked matchup at home against a nonconference team in the Gundy era. The first was in 2009 when ninth-ranked OSU beat No. 13 Georgia 24-10. Like OSU, Boise State crushed its first two opponents this year, beating Troy 56-20 and UConn 62-7.

“Nonconference opponents in preseason, people try to estimate how good they are,” Gundy said Monday. “You play on the road and win by 40 or however many, then you play at home and you win by 50 … your team is going be pretty good. If you’re just an average team, it’s not easy to win by 50, so they’re a really good football team.”

The Cowboys are favored by 2.5 points Saturday. In home ranked games under Gundy, OSU is 1-5 in games decided by 10 points or less.

When being ranked lower, as the Pokes will be Saturday, the Cowboys are 2-5 with wins against Baylor in 2013 and TCU in 2015, both of which were blowouts.

Games against Oklahoma account for six of the 15 ranked home games in the Gundy era. The Cowboys are 1-5 against the Sooners in those games, meaning in ranked home matchups against teams that aren’t OU, the Cowboys are 6-4.

Here’s a look at the Cowboys’ ranked home games in the Gundy era:

Year Matchup Win/Loss Score
2008 No. 11 OSU vs. No. 3 OU L 61-41
2009 No. 9 OSU vs. No. 13 Georgia W 24-10
2009 No. 13 OSU vs. No. 3 Texas L 41-14
2010 No. 17 OSU vs. No. 14 Nebraska L 51-41
2010 No. 19 OSU vs. No. 22 Baylor W 55-28
2010 No. 10 OSU vs. No. 14 OU L 47-41
2011 No. 3 OSU vs. No. 17 Kansas State W 52-45
2011 No. 3 OSU vs. No. 13 OU W 44-10
2013 No. 11 OSU vs. No. 3 Baylor W 49-17
2013 No. 6 OSU vs. No. 18 OU L 33-24
2015 No. 12 OSU vs. No. 5 TCU W 49-29
2015 No. 4 OSU vs. No. 10 Baylor L 45-35
2015 No. 9 OSU vs. No. 5 OU L 58-23
2017 No. 6 OSU vs. No. 16 TCU L 44-31
2017 No. 11 OSU vs. No. 8 OU L 62-52
2018 No. 24 OSU vs. No. 17 Boise State

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