Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

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Sep 30, 2004
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Uhhh. The #1 RB was an AA/HOF NFL back (his first two years). And Sanders arrived at oSu weighing <180lbs or so.

Actually, I credit the coaching staff with letting his body mature before throwing him into real CFB.
PJ may well be an idiot, but...........
I’m not saying Sanders should have started but good lord you gotta be real dense to not see he should have been using both RB’s pretty often. It’s called creativity and Jones has none. Switzer knew it when Sanders was a sophomore. So did Osborne. Switzer literally told his guys before bedlam not to hurt Thomas during the game because they didn’t want any part of trying to tackle Sanders. Only one who had no clue what kind of offense OSU could have had was Jones.


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Nov 20, 2006
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I don't think he'll run in the 4.3's either, but at 210 lbs, anything in the 4.4's is elite. Justin Gilbert was the fastest guy I think I've seen at OSU (yea I know, Tyreek), but Gilbert could hit another gear when he wanted to and just make your jaw drop. And he was a mid 4.4 guy at the combine if I remember right, and did not weigh in at 210 either.
So, are saying that you think Gilbert was faster than Tyreek? If so, then you need to think again. Gilbert was a 10.5 100 guy. Tyreek was and is a
10.2 guy.


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Oct 13, 2004
OSU fans will ALWAYS discount any achievements by Thurman Thomas because backup MUST be better...
Thurman Thomas was an AWESOME team player and a four year starter...2nd best all time PLAYER at OSU at this point IMHO. Hubbard is going to likely be second all time in rushing for a single season, but he would have to stick around a year or so like the old days to pass Thurman in terms of overall team impact long term.