OU sucks at NFL combine

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Mar 15, 2007
NFL Combine results: Winners and losers from the RBs on the bench press, 40-yard dash, and other workouts

Oklahoma’s Dimitri Flowers had a rough day across the board. His 4.83 40-yard dash was actually worse than the best offensive lineman this year and was the second-worst time of the entire running backs group. His 9’1 broad jump was 10” shorter than the historical average for running backs. He rounded it out with a slow 7.45 on the three-cone drill.

Orlando Brown Jr. of Oklahoma had historically bad NFL combine workout
Oklahoma's Orlando Brown Jr., a projected first-round selection in the upcoming NFL draft, had a historically bad scouting combine performance.
Here's a look at the official combine numbers posted by the 6-foot-8, 360-pound offensive tackle at Lucas Oil Stadium:
• 14 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press
• 5.85-second 40-yard dash
• 19½-inch vertical jump
• 6-foot-10 broad jump
Those numbers are really bad.

Historically, offensive tackles post a tad more than 25 reps in the bench press, run the 40-yard dash in about 5.24 seconds and average 28.4 inches in the vertical jump and more than 8½ feet in the broad jump. Brown's bench press total is the second-worst among offensive tackles at the combine since 2000, per Pro Football Reference. Marcel Jones — a seventh-round selection of the New Orleans Saints in 2012 — had 13 reps. Jones never appeared in an NFL game.

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May 28, 2010
Flowers i am not too worried about. He has a lot of very versatile talent he will get picked up. you can improve on the things that he didnt do well in. Him and Brown's draft stock probably hurt a bit but they were just fine as Sooners.

Anyway the title of the thread is misleading because Mayfield and Andrews have definitely improved their draft stock at the combine. I haven't heard much about rudolph though. I coulda sworn he was supposed to leave Mayfield in the dust. Hell I bet you wouldnt have ever thought Mayfield could go in the 1st