OSU vs Texas A&M? Potential bowl game

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Nov 6, 2010
You never know it could be one of those years when the miraculous happens to save the season...doubt it, but you just never know. It's still only halfway over. Did we travel pretty good last year?
I'm not really talking about the prospects for how the season ends up, but rather how our fans have become a bit spoiled, myself included.


Sep 24, 2017
I guess you didn't see the Texas game in Austin...50-48 over KU..so no gimmies left on the schedule...maybe WVU but it's on the road. IF we keep gifting turnovers we won't win games.
Don’t you think Les can get into Gundy’s head? Kansas was passing right down the middle against Texas. Jayhawks could hang half a hundred against our D. Maybe next year we make a bowl
Oct 6, 2007
Piedmont, OK

I said there was no way Tech would beat us.
Then I said we'll beat Baylor because we've had two weeks to prepare.
They credit Einstein with saying "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."
At this point, I would only be willing to put money on the KU game and that's only because it is in Stillwater. If it were in Lawrence I wouldn't bet on it either.
After watching them against Texas on Saturday, KU kind of scares me. A& M scares me too but so does a couple of others on the schedule. I’m just going to white knuckle my way through the rest of the season and hope we win out. It could happen.
Sep 12, 2013
Broken Arrow, OK
See.....that's a perfect match.

Two teams that believe their programs are much better than they actually are.

Call it optimism or call it delusions of grandeur.

I'll take Optimism for $600, Alex.
Do you even read bro?

I venture to say most people believe the program is in worse shape than it actually is. No doubt it's on fire. Still a small one this week. It could go raging inferno this weekend though. I'm betting inferno level fire after ISU spanks us. Right now I would say we would beat WVU, TCU, and KU. After this weekend we may not be favored against KU.
Sep 6, 2014
If we can just get by Iowa State (not an easy task) we will be 8-3 going into Bedlam with a decent bowl on the line. You can save this to quote in a month
Mar 8, 2010
We have a two game losing streak and going on the road to play a really good ISU team and our fans are talking about who they want to play in a bowl game? I love our fan's optimism. Where do I get my orange colored glasses?
Jun 12, 2007
Well if you do the math...

* The Top-4 Big-12 Bowls are the Playoff/Sugar/Alamo/Orlando.
I expect those to go in some order to Oklahoma/Texas/Baylor/Iowa State.

* The next 3 Bowls in order are Houston/Memphis/Phoenix
I expect the available teams to be OSU/KSU/TCU. I expect OSU to have the head-to-head against both those teams, so I would expect Houston to select Oklahoma State. That appears to be the scenario ESPN is projecting as well.

Personally, I still don't see Texas Tech being Bowl eligible. They need to win 4 conference games to get to 6-6 and I don't see that happening for them. Of course with games remaining against Kansas, WVU, TCU, and Kansas St they have a chance. They would need to win 3 of those 4 to get there. That's certainly a possibility.
After the Iowa State win and the rash of upsets, how does it affect your bowl thoughts?