OSU Men's Golf @ the Valspsar Collegiate

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Jul 9, 2004
In case you missed it, OSU(-14) placed 4th at the Valspar Collegiate. Wake Forest(-25) took home the championship trophy with Auburn(-19) and South Carolina(-15) finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Mathew Wolff(-14) was the individual champion. He killed it on the front 9 all three rounds. He fired 31, 31 and 32. That's nuts.
Viktor Hovland(-7) finished tied for 5th.

Go Pokes
Feb 27, 2018
Speaking of OSU golf, here's our feature on Viktor Hovland...

As an amateur among well-known professionals, Viktor Hovland isn’t intimidated.

Hovland, a junior on the Oklahoma State men’s golf team, will travel to the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club for the first time to compete in the 2019 Masters Tournament. He will join golfers including Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and defending champion Patrick Reed as they vie for a chance to wear the prized green jacket.

“I kind of try to keep a pretty relaxed attitude about it,” Hovland said. “I know that if I just play good golf, there’s still just a golf course, and we’re still just playing golf.”

The 83rd Masters is set for April 11-14 in Augusta, Georgia. Hovland qualified for the event when he won the 118th U.S. Amateur on Aug. 19 at Pebble Beach Golf Links. He became the third Big 12 golfer and the first Norwegian to claim the U.S. Amateur title.

Hovland said the U.S. Amateur and recent PGA Tour events have helped him adjust to playing on a large stage before he competes in the Masters.

“You get used to kind of the crowds being around you and TV cameras up in your face, so that definitely helps a lot,” Hovland said. “But there’s nothing given to you.”