OSU Football vs. Texas Tech Postgame Notes

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OP 9000

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Oct 13, 2003
Stillwater, OK
OSU Football
vs. Texas Tech
Oct. 18, 2003
Postgame Notes

€ Oklahoma State has now won 10 straight home games, second best in school history. The best mark was 11 straight from 1911-13 ... OSU snaps a three-game losing streak to Texas Tech and has won six straight for the first time since opening the 1997 season 6-0.

€ With six wins on the year, Oklahoma State is now bowl eligible for the second straight season. They are now assured of back-to-back non-losing seasons for the first time since 1987-88.

€ The 51 points scored is the most ever against Texas Tech. The previous high was 46 set back in 1945.

€ With 673 yards of total offense, Oklahoma State went over the 600-yard mark for the first time since totaling 605 yards against Southwestern Louisiana on Nov. 14, 1998. The total also represented the fourth most in school history.

€ The two teams combined for 1,334 yards of total offense, the most combined total in OSU school history. The previous best was 1,181 yards versus Kansas in 1988 (OSU 717, KU 464).

€ The last time OSU beat two Top 25 opponents in back-to-back games in the same year was in 1976 (No. 5 Oklahoma, No. 10 Missouri)

€ Tatum Bell¹s 95-yard touchdown run was the third longest rush in school history and tied him for the second longest in Big 12 history. It was the Cowboys first rush over 90 yards since David Thompson¹s 91-yarder against Tulsa in 1995.

€ With a new career high of 238 yards rushing on the afternoon, Bell moved past Gerald Hudson (2,921) into sixth place on the school¹s all-time rushing list with 3,008 yards. He also moved into the Big 12¹s career Top 10 at No. 7 past Ahman Green (2,804), Devin West (2,811), Dante Hall (2,818) and Ennis Haywood (2,862).

€ Rashaun Woods (6 rec., 147 yards) has now caught two or more passes in 38 straight games. He went over the 100-yard receiving mark for the fourth time this season and 18th time in his career.

€ With 320 yards passing today, Josh Fields moved past Toné Jones (4,812) into second place in the school¹s career passing yards list with 5,004. That total also moves him into eighth place on the Big 12 career list, past Colorado¹s Mike Moschetti (4,797) and Texas A&M¹s Mark Farris (4,949).

€ With two sacks on the day, Greg Richmond now has 18 in his career, moving him past Juqua Thomas (16.5) into fourth place on the school¹s career list.

€ Tommy Devereaux¹s 14-yard touchdown run was his first collegiate score.

€ Chay Nease¹s seven yard reception in the third quarter was his first collegiate reception.

Postgame Quotes

OSU Coach Les Miles

On the victory

³I thought it was a victory of offense, defense and special teams. The offense came out quickly with big plays by Tatum Bell in the ground game and throwing the ball to Rashaun Woods. It gave us the opportunity to score and score repeatedly. We understood that this would be a four-quarter game. The clock just doesn¹t seem to run when you play Texas Tech. We knew all along that we would go for it on fourth down in a number of situations because we had to keep the ball.²

On running the ball

³They started out playing a soft-zone coverage because they figured the running game wouldn¹t have the ability to hit home runs. That gave us the ability to run the football. Late in the game they put a few more in the box and we had to throw the ball. We hit a couple and we dropped a couple. The drive just before all the fireworks, if we had not turned the ball over on that naked (bootleg), that might well have iced it earlier.²

On Texas Tech

³We have great respect for Coach (Mike) Leach and Texas Tech. B.J. Symons is a great quarterback. I think everyone knew the style of game that we would be in. That if we were fortunate to be up by 21 (points) or down by 21

(points) that the score was really 0 to 0. ²

On the effort of the team

³The truth of the matter is that they made plays when they had to and made them in all three areas. It was a great team that came into our stadium and we respected them with a great effort. We are fortunate to win and we look forward to next week.²

On the goal line stand

³We wanted to score, and in fact on the last play we would have scored but we had a penalty. At that point it took the call away from us. As much as we needed seven (points) there, we also needed the clock to run.²

On the fake punt

³We knew we weren¹t going to punt the ball. We knew we weren¹t going to give the ball back to them if we could help it. We looked at throwing a ball to Rashaun Woods, which in hindsight we would have liked to have done. We knew that the fake was there and we liked the call. We completed it but we would have liked to have seen them get the first down, but we knew we weren¹t going to punt it.²

Rashaun Woods

On return of Elbert Craig

³It was a great relief. I prayed for Elbert (Craig) to come back and play and to keep on following his dream and it is happening for him. I am glad for him.²

On clock management

³Everyday coach stressed that. We understood how Texas Tech could pass and that it would be a very, very long game. I feel we did a very good job of that.²

On second half

³I honestly do not think we slowed down in the second half. We continued to move the ball and we continued to do the thing we needed to do to win.²

On revenge factor this season

³We want to stay consistent to our goals. To go to the Big 12 championship we have to beat these teams period. Anything that happened last year is old news.²

Jon Holland

On interception

³I knew it was going to come down to the last play of the game. Antonio Smith got that sack in the end and I just read the quarterback and I had to go up and get it.²

On dropping the first interception

³I thought I had the first interception but I dropped it so I got a little mad at myself. So on the second one I told myself that I have to go get it.²

Tatum Bell

On the win

³Yesterday was my mom¹s birthday. She passed when I was 14 years old. So I wanted to play my hardest and leave everything on the field. I just wanted to dedicate the game to her. Even if I did not have a good game I just wanted the win. I give all the credit to my offensive line, coaching staff and the rest of my teammates. We hung in there and pulled it out.³

On running game

³I am feeling pretty confident right now. I think our scheme is good. I know you are not going to break every play but those one and two yard gains are okay. I know that I will get my chance to break one. I stay on the offensive line and they stay on me. We all are in this together.²

On 95-yard touchdown run

³I just saw the crease and I know it was going to be a foot race. I just told myself to not pull a Houston Bowl (getting caught from behind) and that is what it came down to. I made it and it felt good.²

Greg Richmond

On Texas Tech comeback

³The momentum shifted to them. They did what they were supposed to. They made plays and did not quit. We have to tip our hats off to them. They are one of the best Big 12 teams and they did a good job. We need to eliminate errors in our defense and keep playing.²

On the final series

³The mindset of the D was to come out and make a play. We knew the game was on our shoulders and the game ended the way it should have with an interception. That was a great play by Jon Holland and a great sack by Antonio Smith. It was a great victory for our team and the Oklahoma family.²

OSU Locker Room

Offensive Lineman Sam Mayes

On the game

³It was one heck of a game. You have to give all the credit to Texas Tech for being down and being able to come back. It was a great game. Our defense played excellent and we were able to move the ball pretty well on offense.²

On the importance of the offense¹s strong start

³It was very important because in the past couple of years our offense hasn¹t been able to get going against them. When they would get up on us we would get out of our game. For us to be able to come out and pass and run the ball like we did was good for us. It also helped the defense out by giving them some rest on the sidelines.²

Tommy Devereaux

On his touchdown run

³The offensive line and the receivers did a great job of blocking, which let me get around the edge where there wasn¹t anyone around. All I had to do was run and let the blockers take care of the rest.²

On the defensive game plan

³Being patient and learning from the people in front of you has helped me out a lot. When it was my turn I just did what I learned from the people in front of me. You just have to take advantage of the chances you get.²

Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach

On the game

³First of all I think they¹re a great team, they¹re well coached, they¹ve had us circled for a year or whatever it is. I think we squandered the first half, and I think we squandered the first half because we¹re a highly motivated team that really wanted to win badly, and I think we played tight. I think we tried to make too much happen. In the second half I think we settled down, and I think we did make some things happen and we did play a much better second half. The other thing, I¹m extremely proud of the fact that none of our players quit. Those stands were full of people that thought we were going to pack it in, but these guys never packed it in. We had a lot of adversity and we were in a position to win it at the end and we came up short.²

On B.J. Symons

³I thought B.J. played real tough, and I think his leadership was a big part in our team and everybody hanging in there as long as we did and putting ourselves in a position to win the thing.²

On the first half

³The biggest thing, I think is they (OSU) came out intense but relaxed. I thought they had a really good level of focus. It just seems like we were kind of trying too hard.²

Opposing Players

Nehemiah Glover

On the first half

³We did not play well at all in the first half. It looked like they were going to blow us out. We played hard in the second half, but it was too late.²

On gaining momentum

³We were never able to get the momentum. Oklahoma State had all the momentum. We were never able to get it and they just kept adding to it.²

On playing from behind

³It¹s not really frustrating because it happens so many times. We just expect to win every game like that.²

B.J. Symons

On having a chance at the end

³I think we showed a lot of character and didn¹t give up. We overcame some things and it obviously hurts. We were in position to win the game. Defense and special teams did their jobs, but we just didn¹t come through with it in the end. We take pride in what we do and I personally feel like I let the team down. Obviously the game wasn¹t lost on that last play, but to fight so hard and come up short hurts.²

On the defense of Oklahoma State

³We were just hurting ourselves. I tip my hat to Oklahoma State, they played a great game. I don¹t really feel like they were doing anything defensively early on. I think it just took us some time to settle down and get into our rhythm.²

On the sack in the last drive

³We had a screen set up to the running back. They did a great job in sniffing that out. They had a hold of Taurean in the backfield and I should have just thrown it at his feet. The guy had a hold of him and wasn¹t going to let him go. I should have known to throw it at his feet immediately but I thought he might have a chance to break free. Before I knew it, the defense was right on me.²



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Oct 16, 2003
Katy, TX
I have been very impressed with how the O-Line has come together this season. I saw several plays where Tatum was close to breaking long runs, the O-Line is looking great.