OSU Cowboys v. Arkansas Razorbacks Football History

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RoVerto Solo

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Feb 10, 2007
OSU has not played Arkansas since 1980. They last played in Little Rock, Ark. the site of far too many undeserved losses.

War Memorial Stadium opened in 1948. OSU first started playing games against Arkansas there in 1950. It was a big mistake to start playing all their games there beginning in 1952. OSU played 20 straight games at Arkansas’ second home field. OSU did it for the money, plain and simple. It is a part of the Cowboys history that eats away at me more than the losses to OU over the years.

The original seating capacity at War Memorial Stadium was 31,075. The seating capacity was increased three different times reaching 53,727 in the 1960s. OSU played the first game under the lights there in 1969.

Lewis Field’s seating capacity was increase to 39,000 in 1950. The permanent seating capacity reminded at this number until 1972.

OSU and Arkansas have played in front of the TV cameras one time. OSU won that game, but I could not determine what year it was in 1973.*

OSU vs Arkansas 15-31-1 (Home Games in black)

OSU vs Arkansas 3-3 (SWC Games)

OSU vs Arkansas 9-9-1 (1912-1946)
OSU vs Arkansas 6-22-0 (1950-1980)
OSU vs Arkansas 5-20 -0 (at Little Rock)

OSU vs Arkansas 5-4-1 (at home)
OSU vs Arkansas 1-2-0 (at home 1951 -1978)

1912 W 13-07
1913 L 03-00
1914 W 46-00
1915 L 09-14 (SWC game played at Fort Smith, Ark.)

1921 W 09-00 (SWC game)
1922 W 13-00 (SWC game)
1923 L 00-13 (SWC game)
1924 W 20-00 (SWC game)
1925 L 07-09
1926 L 02-24
1927 L 20-30

1929 L 06-32
1930 W 26-00

1938 L 07-27
1939 L 06-32

1943 W 19-13
1944 W 19-00
1945 W 19-14
1946 T 21-21

1950 W 12-07 (Little Rock)
1951 L 07-42
1952 L 20-22 (Little Rock)
1953 W 07-06 (Little Rock)

1955 L 00-21 (Little Rock)
1956 L 07-19 (Little Rock)
1957 L 00-12 (Little Rock)

1959 L 07-13 (Little Rock)
1960 L 00-09 (Little Rock)

1962 L 07-34 (Little Rock)
1963 L 00-21 (Little Rock)
1964 L 10-14 (Little Rock) Arkansas AP FWAA, HAF National Champions*
1965 L 14-28 (Little Rock)
1966 L 10-14 (Little Rock)
1967 W 07-06 (Little Rock)
1968 L 15-32 (Little Rock)
1969 L 00-39 (Little Rock)
1970 L 07-28 (Little Rock)
1971 L 10-18 (Little Rock)
1972 L 23-24 (Little Rock)
1973 W 38-06 (Little Rock) Televised on ABC*

1974 W 26-07 (Little Rock)
1975 W 20-13 (the beginning of two for one)
1976 L 16-10 (Little Rock)
1977 L 09-28 (Little Rock)
1978 L 07-19
1979 L 07-27 (Little Rock)
1980 L 20-33 (Little Rock) (the end of Cowboys’ subservience to the Hogs)

*1964 National Champions award source was corrected and added the year the game was televised.

RoVerto Solo

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Feb 10, 2007
There are six names that appear below this picture. One continued his association with the Razorbacks becoming its Head Coach. Two became football Cowboys and business associates. Three coached later at OU. One of them is still associated with that university. The last one mentored a future OSU Cowboys Head Coach at Pittsburgh.

8. Ken Hatfield
10. Johnny Majors
13. Jerry Jones
25. Jim Mackenzie
27. Merv Johnson
32. Jimmy Johnson


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Mar 15, 2007
Wow that's chitty. Good info though.

What do you do that you stay up all night? Are you retired?

RoVerto Solo

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Feb 10, 2007
Jack Mitchell, Head Football Coach Arkansas Razorbacks

Jack Mitchell was the Head Coach of the Razorbacks from 1955 to 1957. He beat OSU all three of those years. He left that position going back home to Kansas to coach the Kansas Jayhawks. He recruited Barry Switzer to play footall at Arkansas in 1956.

Some will remember Jack Mitchell, football All-American at the University of Oklahoma.



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Feb 6, 2007
As I recall, the 73 game was on TV. I went to the 72 game that we lost 23-24. It was the last of 6 in a row and 14 of 15 losses. Playing Arkansas was similar to but in many ways worse than our record with OU in those days. At least we got to play OU at home every other year. After all that, it was VERY SWEET to pummel the pigs 38-6 on TV. TV games were VERY rare for the Cowboys back then. So to get to see the Pokes on TV and humble the Hogs at the same time was extremely satisfying.

Then I married an avid Razorback fan and was happy to see the series end. Those few Saturdays we experienced together were agonizing!


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Nov 17, 2004
El Reno, OK
It should be very obvious to anyone that OSU did not place much importance on athletics back then.

This was one of the things that I wondered about, the Arkansas game, so I looked it up and was disappointed that OSU allowed itself to be used like this.

No more of this stuff...ever. And that includes giving up the NU-CU departure fine to OU, TU and aTm (glad to hear OSU didn't roll over like those wimps).

RoVerto Solo

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Feb 10, 2007
It should be very obvious to anyone that OSU did not place much importance on athletics back then.
This is not a correct statement. OSU historically has been bullies in every sport except football. It all starts will Iba not willing to cheat. It was always about not having those dollars to pay players and built infrastructure. If you don't have the depth of numbers in money and players you are going to fall short in football unlike basketball, wrestling and baseball. The school and its coaches were enough to recruit a first tier of athletes in football, but not those needed second and third tier levels of good players. The better teams would just wear the Cowboys down in games. In the 1950s OU's third team players could beat most teams in the country. When there is no significant drop off in replacements on the field you are going to win more games in football. Tradition and its coaches were enough to recruit competitively in the other sports.
Oct 26, 2004
Moore, OK
This has been discussed ad nauseum last year as well. OSU agreed to unfair contracts to play Arkansas (how does a 4 for 1 series with one return trip to STW sound nowadays). You can't win if you are putting your best teams on the road, either in Fayetville, or War Memorial, which is a snakespit. I do think if they end up joining our conference, they will hurt us in recruiting.

RoVerto Solo

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Feb 10, 2007
You haven't lived unless you've heard ~60K peeps calling the Hawgs on a Saturday nite.
After I returned from military service I made a few trips to Little Rock for the games there. It was a very intimidating climate for the players and the Cowboy fans to say the least. I really believe the field would actually tilt back the other direction for the Razorbacks when the teams changed positions on the field at the end of each quarter. The Cowboys always seemed to be running a bit up hill throughout the game. ;)


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Sep 15, 2006
Stillwater, Oklahoma

A picture of the 1953 victory (7-6) from the 1954 Razorback. That OAMC squad, according to the Razorback, was led by "the Cowboy's flashy Indian halfback, "Pawnee Bill" Bredde" who ran for a 77 yard touchdown and extra point to seal the victory.
Jun 13, 2010
OSU and UArk have some of the closest ties of any schools, and there's a lot of shared history there. There isn't a phony corporate rivalry anymore, and we haven't been able to make a retarded cup to play for like the "Golden Boot" (a rivalry invented in the 1990s when Arkansas went SEC) but there is history, a lot of it.

Their current bball coach John Pelphrey was an assistant under Eddie Sutton and calls himself an Eddie Sutton protege (much has been made of college football "coaching trees" of JoPa, Snyder, Stoops, etc -- similar to that).

The Jimmy Johnson connection was also brought up, although I'll mention for those who don't know, Jimmy Johnson coached at OSU for a while before he went to Miami.

Ole Miss head coach (and fmr Arkansas head coach) Houston Nutt also played football under Jimmy Johnson at OSU where he was the QB on a few good bowl teams. Houston Nutt actually transferred from Arkansas to OSU. I think he also played basketball, too. And he was good.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but OSU and Arkansas, being the two "good" basketball schools in this part of the country, also once had a decent basketball rivalry that was a little more even for OSU. We also have one more nat'l championship in bball than they do, and I think we've both been to an equal # of NCAA tournaments (7 I think).

If I think of anything else I'll jot it down and post it later.


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Sep 15, 2006
Stillwater, Oklahoma
A couple of more for fun...

The 1974 victory 26-7. The previous week the Hogs had defeated USC 22-7.

The 1975 victory, last in Stillwater, 20-13. 1975 was also Eddie Sutton's first season as head basketball coach at the University of Arkansas.