OSU Basketball

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Feb 5, 2008
Oklahoma City
I'm upset too but I think we might pump the brakes for a couple weeks. We've played 3 Big 12 games against all Top 5 Big 12 teams. Likele is just now rounding into playing shape after mono.

2 big 12 road games. West Virginia and Texas Tech great defensive teams. Let's see how this teams plays the next 2 weeks.
Sep 23, 2010
We have to get the offense figured out soon. We abandoned the pinwheel from the past few years and tried to go with a very slow moving 4out1in offense early. We were not good at this and have let this go. We were running exclusively sets for awhile, which get scouted and guarded, so we had to rely on Lindy 1no1 at the end of shot clocks. We have run some pinwheel again, which I think has been our best because it creates movement and guys heading towards the goal without having to be able to break their guy down one on one. We were turning over the lesser teams in the preseason so we could score more in transition then.

Many of the things we do are against what analytics tell you. We iso Waters a lot. We post up Waters, Ice, Cam and Yor. We have Waters and Dizzy coming off pin downs taking tough 2's or 3's. The math tells you these are no longer good plays, but they are integrated in a lot of our sets. We need to look into more ways of attacking that aren't such old school methods.