Oklahoma State Wins All-Sports Bedlam Series for Fifth Straight Year

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Jul 24, 2005
(Surprised this has not been posted yet)
(Copy/Pasted from official oSu website)

It would have been 19-10 if the ou wrestling team had not chickened out/refused to have a home and home series.


STILLWATER – For the fifth consecutive year, Oklahoma State has won the all-sports Bedlam Series presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma, capturing the 2017-18 series by an 18-10 score.

The eight-point margin is the largest margin of victory in the all-sports Bedlam Series since the scoring system was implemented in the 1999-2000 academic year. The previous best margin was six points and came in the 2014-15 campaign when OSU defeated OU, 17-11. OSU's 18 points are also the most scored in one year during that period.

The Bedlam Series is an all-sports competition between the two schools, with every head-to-head matchup worth one point. In sports where the teams do not directly face each other (cross country, track and field and golf), the school that finishes highest at the Big 12 championship event for that sport gets the point.

Oklahoma State's 18 Bedlam Series points in 2017-18 came from 10 different sports, with baseball (four points), soccer (three points), men's basketball (two points), women's basketball (two points) and women's tennis (two points) all providing multiple points to OSU's overall tally. For the Sooners, the softball team provided three of OU's 10 overall points.

2017-18 Points by Sport

2017-18 Points by Sport OSU OU

Sport (Won-Loss)

Baseball 4 0
Football 0 1
Men's Basketball 2 1
Men's Cross Country 1 0
Men's Golf 0 1
Men's Indoor Track 1 0
Men's Outdoor Track 0 1
Men's Tennis 0 1
Soccer 3 0
Softball 0 3
Women's Basketball 2 0
Women's Cross Country 1 0
Women's Golf 1 0
Women's Indoor Track 0 1
Women's Outdoor Track 0 1
Women's Tennis 2 0
Wrestling 1 0
Total 18 10