Oklahoma State Cowboys vs #16 West Virginia Mountaineers (ESPN2 @8PM)

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Federal Marshal
Sep 24, 2008
1-18 from 3. The fact we shot 18 when we’ve made 1 makes me question boynton and his ability to coach and/or get guys to listen.

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Feb 27, 2018
Dude, we have just played the second and third best teams in B12, KU is yet to come. Boyt needs the next 3 years to develop and develop the team. After that I would agree he would be fair game, just not yet. Calm down
No I understood needing to calm down after the last game just because it was Tech. WVU gave us every single opportunity to keep in this throughout the first half. Conference play is going to a gauntlet just like every season. There is no heart besides a couple of the freshman right now. If he does decide to de commit (which won’t be shocking if this continues) it will be a devastating blow.