OKC man arrested after woman from Iran calls a man in California and warns him of a message her brother left for her

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Aug 31, 2007
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Amiremad Nayebyazdi was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

OKC police were contacted on Oct 30th about a man taking photos of the OKC National Memorial and that he had been to the location several times to take photos. It was reported he was taking photos from unusual places and of things people didn't usually photograph there. Footage of the man taking the photos was given to the OKC police

On Nov 1st. OKC investigators received a call from a man in California who said a women in Iran had contacted him and told him to warn people because her brother had tried to call her and left a VM on her phone saying he was going to kill hundreds of people in OKC and that something big was going to happen in OKC. In his message he told her not to tell their parents until it was on the news.

Police arrested Amiremad Nayebyazdi on Nov 1st and searched his home and vehicle for explosives and none were found.

Nayebyazdi admitted to police that he had indeed left this message for his sister in Iran but told police he had not planted any bombs. He told police he was supposed to be on medication for mental issues but had not been taking it.
OKC police had contact with him in the past after arresting him for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, DUI, Public intox, and they sent him for a mental health evaluation then as they noticed he had mental health issues.