OK Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Barring Oil & Gas Companies From Being Sued

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Jun 18, 2010
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This story that came out earlier this year showcases why it's so important not to vote for Republicans as legislators or governor in November. Or at least not the incumbent Republicans, Democrats, too, if any, who had voted for the law that banned oil companies from being sued for wrongful death or injuries, especially of its employees. But theoretically, a catastrophic explosion at an oil well could have burned a whole town down and the oil company could not be held responsible for deaths or damages.

Thank God, State Sen. Sykes, the sponsor of that law, is term limited the hell out of there this year.

This 8-0 court decision most certainly magnifies the need that many Oklahoma Republicans see to change to Supreme Court judges being picked through elections, like other state offices, in order to increase the likelihood of putting judges on the bench, who will vote for cases the Oklahoma Republican conservative way.

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