Ohio State will KILL uo

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Jun 16, 2011
For a CUSA team they were really disciplined. Stayed well in their gaps. No blown coverages. Fundamental tacklers. They lack athletes and Riley scaled the playbook way back on them on both sides of the ball. But fundamentally, they're a sound football team. They just don't have any playmakers outside that one manchild on their offensive line.

Baker was ridiculously efficient and made excellent throws. Every running back got involved catching the ball. The offensive line dominated. All the wideouts got involved and no one dropped a pass. 8 guys scored a touchdown. Going into a massive showdown like next weekend with a cupcake on the schedule, you couldn't have drawn up a game that went any better than this one.

But seriously.. you can't go comparing cupcakes to cupcakes... you schedule them to pad your win total. Nothing more nothing less.

It only means something if you struggle with them or they beat you. Like Maryland. Appalachian State. Or COUGHCUGHCOUGHcentralmichiganCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH.

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Disciplined and fundamentally sound in another massacre last night against Arizona. UTEP is poised to be the best shitty team ever.
Dec 18, 2006
If you guys think that Baker Mayfield isn't going to be drafted you might want to give up watching football. Draft Analyst (which relies on actual scouts) has BM as a 2-3 round pick. Kiper has him in the 1st round(don't see that) and McShay also has him in 2-3 rounds. Point is he is going to be drafted fairly high.

Also, Draft Analyst spoke with an NFL scout who scouted Rudolph against South Alabama, his report was that there are concerns about his accuracy and his late throws. Late throws in the NFL get picked off.

This isn't to run down MR. But the theme in this thread that MR is sure fire high 1st round pick and BM will be lucky to get a camp invite is a misinformed opinion
I think it will be in round #2 since that's what a BM is


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Oct 13, 2004
That was the biggest heavyweight cripple fight I've ever witnessed. USC is terribly overrated and Texas just isn't any good. Two bad teams playing in name brand clothing.

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So you are saying that heavyweight "cripple fights" aren't entertaining? ;)