Official Texas Bowl Thread: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

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Oct 29, 2004
Edmond, OK
He will if it gets bad enough

This has followed the same path as 2009

People spent a lot of money to go watch this pile of garbage

They will be pissed
Well, in 2009, T. Boone said enough was enough and forced a change on Gundy. Now that enforcer is gone. Gundy is Lord Farquaad now....i.e. See Shrek. He is the mullet leader of the legendary land of Duloc.
Apr 1, 2008
Why is it everyone complains about Gundy (which I agree) but yet they waste their money every year going to games? I stopped my season tickets because the cost and no excitement at games at all..same thing over & over. Nothing changes & nothing will. No one else will take the HC job unless it’s a stepping stone. My DH said he’s the best coach y’all have ever had....compared to who, Pat Jones, Bob Simmons..not a lot of competition there. We will always be mediocre at best no matter what players they get..this is life of a cowboy I’ve accepted and expect it, y’all should too. Red headed step child of Oklahoma...I’ll never stop but I don’t get angry anymore, we r who we r..can’t change any of it..