Official Survival Pool Week 5 2018

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Who gets the first touch from the line of scrimmage?

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Jun 28, 2007
Cowboy Road Rally

Greet the Cowboys as they arrive at Memorial Stadium!

  • Location: Gate 24, SE Corner of Memorial Stadium
  • Time: 9 a.m.
Cowboy Corral
Pregame with OSU alumni and fans in Lawrence before the game!

  • Location: On the hill on the south side of the stadium
  • Time: 9 a.m.
  • Cost: $20/Members, $25/Nonmembers, $10 Kids
  • Amenities: Attendee cost includes meal and two drink tickets. BYOB
  • Menu: Breakfast burritos and other breakfast items
  • Deadline: September 26

Remember let eveyone play their own game here and no extra chatter. If someone makes a mistake, well that's part of the game and often the very reason some don't make it to the end. I did it myself one year picked a team that wasn't playing that week. Wasn't paying attention so I got beat, it's often the difference between winning and losing.

Remember you are on the honor system, since you're an OSU Alumnus or Fan I expect good behavior.

Link to rules and week 1.

Link to week 2.

Link to week 3.

Link to week 4.

Good luck Pokes!
Sep 14, 2007
Week 1. Oklahoma State (55)
Week 2. Mississippi (55)
Week 3. Kentucky (44)
Week 4. Penn State (63)
Week 5. Colorado (47)


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Jun 23, 2004
Week 1: Arkansas State
Week 2: Boston College
Week 3: Kentucky
Week 4: Duke
Week 5: Oklahoma