Official Game Thread: TCU vs. Oklahoma State

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BRB -- Taking an okie leak
Sep 14, 2010
Congrats to our awesome players who persevere through some sketchy game-planning. Quality win and gutsy effort. Chuba...just WOW!!

Still have a huge problem with Gundy's approach and philosophy. Fear based coaching does not win championships.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
Great win. Way to go, Gundy, coaches and players. GO POKES!!

The Defense stepped up again when needed. Although I'm NOT A FAN of the cushion and soft D we play, we had some outstanding play by H-P, Ford and others.

Offensive Line played one of their best games in spite of all the of the injuries.
Sanders did much better, but still needs a lot of work.
Hubbard -- Just a class act and All-American that put this game away for us.

Ammendola -- solid job again.

It would be nice to see what plays Gleeson called and which ones Gundy called, but it was a winning effort. Still, I miss the days when our offense was fearless and unstoppable. Maybe someday soon we can get there again.
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