Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

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Nov 19, 2007
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You know you're a big-name program when you're ranked near the bottom in several major statistical categories, your next opponent is ranked and coming off a 7 turnovers forced performance in their last outing, and people are still picking you to win because of a moral victory against a team with no defense in your own stadium. Congratulations, Texas. If you weren't sure before, you made it.

Here comes a reality check, Bevo. Conference play is on, and Mason Rudolph doesn't care about your stadium. Ask your buddies in Norman.

Go Pokes! Beat the Horns!

Oklahoma State University Cowboys vs. University of Texas Longhorns

Kickoff: Saturday, September 26, 2015, 2:30 PM CDT
at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium, Austin, TX

2015 Records
OSU 3-0 (0-0), UT 1-2 (0-0)
Texas leads the series, 24-5
Suddenlink: 31/231
Cox: 720
DirecTV: 206
DiSH: 140
ATT: 1602

Cowboy Radio Network (93.7 FM)
National Radio: None
Satellite Radio: Sirius 118/XM 202

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OSU Roster

OSU Game Notes

Texas Roster

Texas Game Notes


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Sep 12, 2006
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Don't overpursue on the pass rush and let Heard slip out where he can do damage. If we contain him, we stop their offense.

On offense, our receivers need to catch the ball when it hits them in the hands. Mason needs to be cool and collected, which he's shown he can do on the road.

35-21 Pokes.


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Sep 30, 2004
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The moral victory is strong in Austin.

I truly never thought I would see the day when the favorites in the Big XII are Baylor and TCU, TCU football players are beating up other students for Keystone Light, Baylor is covering up a rape, and Texas is talking about moral victories. What's next, the Cubs win the World Series? (I know it really could happen, they're very good)


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Apr 11, 2009
I truly never thought I would see the day when the favorites in the Big XII are Baylor and TCU, TCU football players are beating up other students for Keystone Light, Baylor is covering up a rape, and Texas is talking about moral victories. What's next, the Cubs win the World Series? (I know it really could happen, they're very good)
Oh, come on. Baylor covering up serious crimes is what Baylor is known for!


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Oct 16, 2003
Was it true that one of the Texas players after the Cal game was quoted as saying, "It almost felt like a win"??? If so, LOL.
How would they know what a win feels like? :confused: Oh, yeah, Rice. :rolleyes: Forgot about that. But do you really count wins from schools named after a starch? ;)


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Apr 2, 2008

The moral victory is strong in Austin.
I remember OSU back in Simmons day after a close loss to Nebraska. If only close losses meant something but hey we played well against a national championship team. I guess that's more than a middle of the road PAC12 team.
I HOPE this is going to be an incredible game... for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. They have shown that they can light up the secondary as well as pound the middle with the run. Childs doesn't quite have the breakaway lightning speed we saw with Hill, but he can still move. Randolph is an accurate passer that has poise. Slinging deep he seems hesitant, but when the opportunity is there, he strikes like a cobra. Ateman still impresses me and I think he is starting to step into the shoes of Dez and Blackmon. I sure hope so.

The University of Texas Longhorns have been known to be the Big12's powerhouse team, right up there with the like's of the University of Oklahoma Sooners and from the days of old, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. However, all three of the aforementioned teams have ran asunder and are all equally fighting to stay relevant. Sure Texas will always have the financial backing, but not many of the best high school prospects want to play for a mediocre team. From the beginning, we have all been taught mediocrity is the ultimate death in life. Being number one for so long has painted a target on the back of Texas and for the past several years, they've played like they have something to prove. They should first prove themselves to be a football team and not worry about the national spotlight. Get back to the basics, fundamentals, the roots of Texas football tradition. Charlie Strong seems to want to do that, but I'm afraid he's just a fill in until a better option comes along.

Now to the actual Longhorn players. They have shown some grit even thought they've come up short a couple of times already in this 2015 season. Heard has an arm as well as two legs that help him move all over the field. He seems a bit fidgety in the backfield but, he makes up for that with improvisation. Shades of Johny Football? Too soon to tell but I'll keep one eye on him, and one eye on the Texas defense. They've been known in the past as the "Immovable Longhorns". I'm not sure they are quite so immovable this year however I'm looking as the season progresses, they find their groove and start to communicate and move as one solid mass of defensive power... Let's just hope its not this weekend! ;) Bedford needs to get his players in the right frame of mind. Replacing six starters from last year has proven to be difficult though.

I see this game being a high paced, high octane, full speed contact contest with plenty of back and forth. Last weeks loss to Cal was a tough pill to swallow for the Longhorns. I look for them to come out this Saturday with their ears pinned back, looking to score big in front of the home crowd (even if it isn't sold out, yet). The Cowboys come to Austin with some early season swagger off their big win against UTSA, but lets be serious, when hasn't the Cowboys beaten UTSA? Hopefully last weeks blowout victory was the starting line for success in the Cowboys' 2015 season.

I am expecting a lot from the Cowboys, from kickoff to game end. This, I believe, will dictate the rest of the season. Do they rise up to the challenge, take the bull by the horns and steer the Longhorns? Or will they be gored into a bloody dismal pile of orange pulp, bleeding out for the rest of the season? Come Saturday at 2:30, you know I'll be watching and rooting for my Cowboys. GO POKES!
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Sep 22, 2015
Has anyone talked about why Heard didn't earn the starting position until after Swoops lost the job? Maybe he showed some signs of athleticism and ability to make some big plays, but aren't coaches looking for the player that can make plays on the most consistent basis? Sure Heard has come out guns blazing these last 2 games against below average defenses, but the defenses he will face in the Big 12 will demand consistency and elite play at the QB position.

I know of another QB who made the same great start while seeing his first action on a Big 12 team to the tune of 16 for 26 for 244 yds and 2 TDs followed up with a 16 for 30 performance that included 315 yds and 2 TDs. That was Daxx Garman's first 2 games against Missouri St. and UTSA. Those were 2 below average defenses that let him show signs of flash and a big arm. We all learned later on that he could not be trusted as a decision maker or leader. He lacked consistency.

My point to this is what makes anybody believe that Heard will be a consistent threat this season, let alone this weekend? He's going to have to show me before I believe any of the hype. He's also leading a team that is hanging their hat on a moral victory, so I like the Cowboys' chances. I hope to see our offense go for the kill early and take DKR out of the game before they start tasting a moral victory again.

Go Pokes!!