Official Game Thread: Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State

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Jun 25, 2011
It makes sense when you've got a defense like we do.

We're the only undefeated team in the conference...ranked #6 in the country at a university that isn't a traditional powerhouse.

The percentage of your posts that are critical of the coach is making me think you might have a touch of GDS. (Gundy Derangement Syndrome.) You might have contracted it from Keller.
Gundy is a solid coach. For the most part he does a good job representing the university. I get frustrated with his conservative style because I thinks it bites us against better teams.

Look, he played super conservative today and Iowa State still has a shot with less than a minute to go. I would rather play to win and get beat than play not to lose and get beat.


Territorial Marshal
Aug 26, 2009
So I'm still not sold on the defense, but I'm impressed so far this season and itching to be an all out believer. Would have liked to have seen more consistent pressure AND containment on the QB.

The offense looked suspect at times, but I am hoping Spencer keeps progressing on his injury comeback trail. Definitely looked better once they got him involved in the ground game. Still makes some questionable reads in the passing game.

Best game I've seen from Chuba this season. TyWall looked pretty good mostly when he got his looks. I dont know if they kept a safety over the top of him or if we just didn't look his way alot, but he wasn't overly featured in this one. If Stoner or Wolff or Woods can get going in the receiving game, this offense could be truly dangerous.

Solid win, the moment is over. Time to get ready for Texas.


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